3rd Quarter Assembly

The third quarter of the 2023-2024 school year officially ended on Thursday, March 7th. Of course that means it’s time for HSPS to celebrate! On Wednesday, March 13, students PK-12 were released to the auditorium where without talking, they needed to put themselves in birth date order with the other students from all grades. After that, things proceeded with the Honor Roll, Staff Shout-outs, announcement of the Middle Level and High School Super Pass recipients, and finally the presentation of the Student of the Quarter. Congratulations Alexa Tonjes!

1st Quarterly Assembly 2023

The first quarter of the 2023-2024 school year officially ended on Thursday, October 12.  Of course that means it’s time for HSPS to celebrate!  On Wednesday, October 18, students PK-12 were released to the auditorium where they were able to play board games or put puzzles together with other students from all grades.  After that, things proceeded with the Honor Roll, Staff Shout-outs, awards for the bus wrap contest, announcement of the super pass recipients, and finally the presentation of the Student of the Quarter(congratulations Gage Mintken!).

2nd Quarter Assembly

After returning from a slightly longer holiday break(due to weather), Hay Springs Public Schools held it’s 2nd Quarter Assembly on January 5th in the School Auditorium.  Unfortunately there was a basketball game that afternoon and so not all of our students we able to attend.  There was a PBIS drawing for the the teachers with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Hagge taking home the prize.  Mrs. Mintken spoke to everyone about the results of our Continuous Improvement Process external team visit(it was very positive!) and encouraged the students to take the survey that was emailed to them after the assembly.  Mr. Hagge read the 2nd quarter Honor Roll and then announced that Mason Albrecht was the Student of the Quarter!

Honor Roll – Quarter 2

3rd Grade: A – none : AB – Addison Heiting, Dawson Raymer

4th Grade: A – Merritt Albrecht : AB – Ellerie Davis, Willow Frink, Jane Gaswick, Barrett Heiting, Kaycee Kaiser, Hudson Persons, Ileana Reimann, Milo Smith

5th Grade: A – Connor Forney, Mary Kendig, Ashton Raymer, Autumn Richardson : AB – Andrew Bonsall, Lucas Herman, Braxton Spicer

6th Grade: A – none : AB – Olivia Dahlgren, Genevieve Taylor

7th Grade: A – Emma Albrecht, Jacob Dorshorst : AB – Megan Anderson, Emily Forney, Brayden Heiting, Easton Mintken

8th Grade: A – Aubry Anderson, Kya Binger, Alaina Raymer : AB – Tailyn Starke, Reese Varvel

9th Grade: A – Cooper Meeks, Julia Russell : AB – Bo Thies, Andi Twarling

10th Grade: A – Lilly Dorshorst : AB – Dylan Raymer, Talan Smith

11th Grade: A – Gabby Twarling : AB – Jarhett Anderson, Jordyn Anderson, Gage Mintken, Abbey Russell, Alexa Tonjes

12th Grade: A – Hally Johnson, Sam Toof : AB – Braydon Binger, Colter Meeks, Emily Nelson, James Scherbarth, Mia Skinner, Molly Spicer

First Quarter PBIS Assembly

On Thursday, October 20th, we celebrated the end of the quarter with a PBIS assembly. The PreK-12 students were divided into groups and given a task to work together to finish. We then recognized the A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll students from grades 3-12. Our 2022 First Quarter Student of the Quarter recipient was Kaden Langford. The Student of the Quarter receives gift certificates from: Security First Bank, Shear Style, Farm to Family Cooperative, The Outlaw Saloon, Main Street Grind, Cutting Edge, and Sacker’s & the Patio. Please thank these generous businesses for their continued support of our school.

Drug Free Assembly

Elementary students attended an assembly today for Red Ribbon Week. Nebraska State Patrol Sergeant Horak spoke with students about the dangers of illegal drugs and what to do if someone offers them an unknown substance. She also told students to watch for strange or abnormal substances, such as pills that may look like candy, but are loose or in a zip lock bag instead of a sealed, candy package. She reminded them not to touch or eat anything that looks strange, but to tell an adult right away.

Veterans Pictures Needed

The Americanism Committee would like to invite all Veterans or families of veterans to submit a picture of themselves or a loved one they would like to honor. The pictures will be on display before the Veteran’s Day program on November, 10th. If you have a scanned picture you may e-mail it to brad.bounous@hshawks.com or if you have a photo you would like to be scanned please feel free to stop by the office so someone can scan it for you.  Please include the name and branch of service. 

PBIS Quarterly Assembly

Kindergarten through 12th grade students celebrated a successful first quarter of the 2021-2022 school year with this year’s first quarterly assembly. One highlight of the assembly was a team building game. Each team had to organize themselves to create a given number. Mr. Hagge then congratulated the student body on their hard work both academically, athletically, and in extra curricular activities as well. We have very talented students in all areas!

Students who made the Honor Roll for the first quarter were announced. The assembly wrapped up with the PBIS team’s drawing for the Breakfast of Champions and announcement of the Student of the Month. Way to go Hawks on a successful beginning of the school year!

PBIS Assembly

Hay Springs Public School students attended a PBIS assembly today at 10:15 AM.  At the assembly, students were asked to gather near the first letter of their names which were posted around the auditorium.  Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade were gathered in these groups and then asked to start conversations with other members of their group.  Next the students were asked to give high fives to the members of their group, and finally various activities were started which led members of the group outside of their group and into other groups.  After this community/culture building exercise, students who made the AB honor roll from each grade were recognized.  Following that, PBIS Super Passes were awarded for the 2nd Quarter to Ava McKillip, James Scherbarth, Hannah Hoos, Bailey Scherbarth, Joce Varvel, and RyLee Wolken.  The event concluded with the drawings for the Breakfast of Champions…there were 26 students drawn!  Congratulations to all Hay Springs students for an awesome 2nd quarter, let’s make the 3rd even better!

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