Space Day

Fifth graders recently attended Launching Nebraska-Nauts into the 4-C’able Future. We had a full day learning about space exploration, listening to real life astronauts in space, utilizing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity to accomplish tasks, and hearing from business and industry professionals. We appreciate the Nebraska Extension and 4-H staff for hosting this event and allowing us to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Band Attends CSC Homecoming

The high school band spent their Saturday at Chadron State College celebrating their homecoming. We attended the parade, hiked C hill and then played with the Eagle Band at the football game. Proud of these students, they represent Hay Springs well!

Independent Living

This week in Independent Living we made a scarecrow for the Community Fun Club Scarecrow Contest. Some of us students made pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin scarecrow head. We learned how to sew buttons today. In this class we learn several life skills every week. So far we’ve cooked many recipes, made homemade play-dough with kool-aid, written papers about social-awareness, tasted the difference between spices, and learned what types of flour to cook with depending on what we’re making. We also were taught how to calculate taxes, and money management. This prepares us for our future because while we did that, we also learned how to manage our money with rent, groceries, and insurance involved. We learn important things like this on a weekly basis. This is good because it prepares us for life in the future and also gives us knowledge and skills that we can use on a daily basis. –Nevaeh

7th Grade Team Building

Today the 7th-grade class participated in a Team Building Exercise: Fill the Glass. In groups of four students had to work as a team to get the water from a bottle into a glass without spilling it to the table or the customer. One team member had a blindfold and was guided by two other team members to the table where there is a waiting customer. Once at the table students had to talk the waiter to the glass to empty the bottle of water.

It was fun to see students working together to get a task accomplished. Students had fun and said it was a bit scary at the same time. Allowing yourself to be guided by someone else takes a lot of trust.

Elementary Fire Hall Visit

Elementary students took a trip to the Hay Springs Fire Department this week to learn about fire safety. Volunteer firefighters Matt Anderson, Craig Housh, and Everette Langford were present to teach students about fire prevention and the steps to take in the event of a fire. HSVFD would like to remind all families to review their fire safety plan, check the batteries in their smoke detectors regularly, and have at least one fire extinguisher in their home.