Breakfast of Champions, Part 1

Drawn Kindergarten-2nd grade and 6th-8th grade students went to the 2nd quarter Breakfast of Champions on Wednesday, January 11th. Students were drawn out of the 2nd quarter Hawk Bucks recipients. Students receive Hawk Bucks for exhibiting positive behavior at school. When selected, students are welcome to bring an adult to the breakfast where they have donuts, orange juice, and get the chance to play games! The breakfast of champions is sponsored by PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)

Pandhandle Conference Basketball Tournament

Pandhandle Conference Basketball Tournament

JANUARY 17th @ Sioux County
JANUARY 18th @ Hay Springs
JANUARY 20th & 21st @ Chadron State College

-Tournament will begin on Monday, January 17th @ Sioux County with the two girl’s bunny bracket games hosted by the #3 seed. The boys will begin on Tuesday, January 18th @ Hay Springs with two bunny bracket games hosted by the #3 seed. We will be using a bracket tournament format.

-Ticket prices will be $6.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. The admission is good for the entire day only. Cheerleaders, in uniform, will be admitted free.

-Medals will be presented to the top three teams. Presentation of the 3rd place medals will take place after the consolation game. Presentation of the 1st and 2nd place medals will take place after the championship game.

-No passes will be accepted. (Media Only will be accepted)

-The team listed on the top of each bracket will be considered the home team. Privileges assigned to the home and visiting teams will be the same as in all games. We ask that the home team be responsible for the official book unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance. @ CSC the home bookkeeper will be provided.

Oregon Trail Honor Band

Abigail Russell, Sam Hindman, and Gabriel Varvel, Hay Springs students, attended Oregon trail honor band hosted by Doane University on Monday, January 10th at Bridgeport high school. Dr. Jay Gilbert, band professor at Doane University, conducted the band for his 15th year.

Lister Sage Community Center

Good day everyone, we are closing the gym at Lister for a few days.  We are fixing some lighting, cleaning the duct work inside and out, cleaning the backboards, and dusting whatever we can. On Tuesday, Dec. 21st they will be cleaning the duct work on the inside so the heat will be off.  We’d ask that NO ONE be in the facility if they are working on the ducts.

If anyone(students, this is considered community service hours) would like to volunteer to help with some of the cleaning on Thursday, Dec. 23rd please contact me – Bev Lee (308)430-0657

Thank you for your cooperation!