Equine Therapy

To the Lakota people the Sunjkawakhan(horse) is a four legged friend and companion that provided transportation, friendship, and pride. The horse is revered in Sioux culture for its grace and courage. On Thursday, January 19th, Hay Springs Elementary students had the opportunity to learn about the impact the horse has had on Lakota culture and the impact the horse is making today in the area of mental health. Patty Coleman, an equine therapy specialist with St. Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain, South Dakota, developed the school’s equine therapy program from scratch and has enjoyed watching the program grow and positively impact youth of all ages. Patty discussed with students a horse’s ability to listen and make no judgments which allows students to make a deep connection, process their emotions and become much more productive in and out of the classroom.


Busy Kindergarteners

Kindergarten is exploding with excitement! We are adding, subtracting, working on our shapes (2D and 3D) as well as reading CVC(consonant vowel consonant) words and writing stories. Each week we study new spelling words and learn 3-5 new vocabulary words. So if you see a Kinder please ask them what they have been learning and be prepared to have a great conversation! Ms. Meeks is super proud of all of her Kinders!

First Grade Receives Grant To Study Food Sources

First grade applied for and was awarded a $100 grant through the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation to study where our food comes from and where it is produced in Nebraska. Our first lesson this week was about milk. We learned about a dairy farm and milking machines in Diller, Nebraska. Locally we also were fortunate to have community member Megan Reimann send us a video about how to care for and milk a dairy cow! She also sent us fresh cows milk. It was very interesting to see the difference between fresh milk and store bought!

We also used some of our grant money to buy the ingredients to make homemade ice cream in a bag! Our main reading story this week was “From Cows to You.” We are able to tie in our Agriculture in the Classroom activities to include reading and social studies content as well!

Our curriculum has 10 different food items raised and produced in Nebraska so be looking for more updates!


MS Excel State Champion

Hay Springs Public School had two students complete the Microsoft Excel 2019 certification tests, Lillian Dorshorst and Brooke Winter. Both are now certified for life. One of our students is the State Champion in Microsoft Excel 2019 test. She will be moving on to the National competition in June. Lillian Dorshorst we are very proud of you!

4th Graders Hit The Oregon Trail

4th graders started the quarter by traveling the Oregon Trail through Nebraska. We started at the Little Blue River where we ate Skeeter cakes (cornmeal pancakes with mosquitos in them, really it was flax seed). Next we traveled to Ft. Kearney where we accidentally pulled water hemlock (poison) and ate it killing 3 wagon members. Windlass Hill and Ash Hallow were very beautiful and had refreshing water but some of our wagons got stumped (rolled down the hill and crashed). One family even had a new baby here, which they named Ash. At Jailhouse and Courthouse Rock we saw rattlesnakes and tried hardtack. Our next stop was Chimney Rock were we learned to make a toy named a “humdinger”. Our last stop is Scott’s Bluff. Hopefully, we can finish through Nebraska without digging any more graves!

2023 Panhandle Conference Basketball Tournament

January 16th @ Crawford
January 17th @ Hemingford
January 20th & 21st @ Morrill

1. Tournament will begin on Monday, January 16th @ Crawford with one girl’s bunny bracket game hosted by the #4 seed. The boys will begin on Tuesday, January 17th @ Hemingford with two bunny bracket games hosted by the #3 seed. We will be using a bracket tournament format.

2. Ticket prices will be $6.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. The admission is good for the entire day only. Cheerleaders, in uniform, will be admitted free. No passes will be accepted. (Media only will be accepted.)

3. Medals will be presented to the top three teams. Presentation of the 3rd place medals will take place after the consolation game. Presentation of the 1st and 2nd place medals will take place after the championship game.

4. Games will be broadcast on Striv.tv and NFHS.

Girls Bracket – https://hshawks.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/22-23-PAC-Varsity-Girls-BB-Bracket.jpg

Boys Bracket – https://hshawks.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/22-23-PAC-Varsity-Boys-BB-Bracket.jpg

Positions Available

Hay Springs Public School is accepting applications for the following positions:

Hay Springs Public School is a Class D school which successfully operates on a four-day academic week Monday through Thursday. If you have an interest in any of these positions, please contact Mr. Clear at the following:

George Clear, Superintendent
Hay Springs Public School
P O Box 280
407 N Baker St
Hay Springs, Nebraska 69347
308-638-4434 (p)

Hay Springs Public School District is an equal opportunity employer.

Cody-Kilgore Games Livestream

We are streaming the Hay Springs vs. Cody-Kilgore game on the NFHS Network this afternoon and for those of you who are having a difficult time finding the “NFHS” link in the menu or the big “Watch Live” button on the website, here are the direct links to the games!  Please note that NFHS is a subscription based service, so you must have a subscription to watch!

JH Boys : https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/hay-springs-high-school-hay-springs-ne/gam61d7a2731c

Varsity Games(Girls and Boys) : https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/hay-springs-high-school-hay-springs-ne/gama5af865d0f

Elementary HAL

Elementary HAL students met after school on Wednesday, January 11th, and explored chain reactions and the transfer of energy with Rube Goldberg machines. They had to troubleshoot and think like engineers to fine tune their ideas. They are already planning on how to improve them for next time.  Be sure to click the links below to check out the videos!

Hal Video 1
Hal Video 2
Hal Video 3
Hal Video 4

eSports Scholarship

Senior Kaden Langford has received a $5000 eSports scholarship to Hastings College in Hastings, NE.  Kaden is the third year captain of the Hay Springs eSports team and was instrumental in the creation of the team.  During the 2022 Fall season, Kaden qualified for the Nebraska Schools eSports Association State Championship and came home with a 6th place medal in the “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” tournament.  When asked for a comment, Kaden responded “This is really, really awesome!”  Currently, Kaden and his “Mario Kart” teammates are preparing themselves for the 2022-2023 Winter Season Playoff which begin the week of January 16th.