Announcements:  Friday, January 28th – Tuesday, February 8th

At Hay Springs Public Schools our focus will be doing what we believe is necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy. The last thing that we want is to have any of our students, parents/guardians, staff or patrons of our community, ill with COVID because our students are back in school.


Wearing of Face mask will be supported by our staff but is totally optional. Students are to arrive between 7:30 to 8:00 am NOT EARLIER THAN 7:30 AM. PLEASE UTILIZE THE STAFF PARKING LOT if necessary, there will be NO PARKING FROM 7:30 – 9:00AM or from 3:30 – 5:00 PM in the red marked curb area. This area is reserved for safe student pickup and drop off area before and after school hours. This area is in the front of the building, from the cafeteria entrance door, to the Auditorium entrance door. Parallel parking for curbside student drop-off and pickup only in this area. When approaching the school from North 4th street please turn north and drop students off curbside on east side of the street. All students will enter the building THROUGH THE OFFICE ENTRANCE, between 7:30 and 8:00 am. Utilize hand sanitizer when entering the building. Practice social distancing whenever possible. Wearing of Face masks will be supported by our staff but is totally optional. 



  • Food and Drink is not allowed in classrooms! 
  • We have reached that point in the year when the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are warm.  Please remind your child to bring a coat to school every day. If the temperature is below 50 degrees, elementary students must have a coat on at recess.  Many days it has not reached the high temp by recess time, or due to wind chill it is cooler than it seems.
  • JH B/BB PANCO bracket is on webpage.
  • Senior Night for girls and boys basketball teams will be Friday, February 4th! Senior girls will be announced before the warmup of the varsity girls’ game, so please be ready to line up no later than 4:30. Parents of the senior boys will be announced before the warmup of the varsity boys’ game, so please be there no later than 6:00.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are February 17th.

Friday, January 28th

8-12 noon – 3rd – 8th Grade BB Camp

3:00 pm – G/B BB home vs. Edgemont (start time 3pm)

Saturday, January 29th

9 am – HS WR @ Ainsworth Invite

Speech Meet @ Gordon-Rushville

Little League BB Tourney @ home

Monday, January 31st

7:30 am – Brkfst – Muffins/Cheese Stick/Fruit

10:00 am – JH B/BB PANCO @ Sioux Co.

Lunch – Pulled Pork Sandwich/Baked Beans

4:30 pm – Winter Sports Practice

Tuesday, February 1st

​7:30 am – Brkfst – Omelette/Hashbrown Triangle/Fruit

Lunch – Walking Taco/Corn

4:00 pm – JH B/BB home vs. Gordon/Rushville

4:30 pm – Winter Sports Practice

Wednesday, February 2nd

7:30 am – Brkfst – French Toast Sticks/Fruit

Lunch – Corn Dogs/French Fries

9:00 am – FFA @ Gordon

4:30 pm – Winter Sports Practice

Thursday, February 3rd

7:30 am – Brkfst – Bagel/Sausage Patty/Fruit

Lunch – BTS Burger/Chips/Ice Cream

2:00 pm – Leave time for JH B/BB @ Oelrichs (start time 4pm) GAME CANCELED

Friday, February 4th

3:00 pm – G/B BB home vs.Hyannis    SENIOR PARENT’S NIGHT

Saturday, February 5th

​TBD – HS WR @ Yoder, WY

​12:00 pm – Leave time for G/B BB @ Bennett County

Monday, February 7th

​7:30 am – Brkfst – Cereal/Yogurt/Fruit

Lunch – Orange Chcken/Rice/Green Beans

1:00 pm – Leave time for JH B/BB @ Crawford (start time 3pm)

4:30 pm – Winter Sports Practice

Tuesday, February 8th

​7:30 am – Brkfst – Pancake Sausage on a Stick/Fruit

Lunch – Pepperoni Pizza/Apple Crisp

3:00 pm – Leave time for JH B/BB @ St. Agnes (start time 5:00 pm)

4:00 pm – G/B BB home vs. Minatare

4:30 pm – Wrestling Practice

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