K-1 Field Trip

Kindergarten and first grade were invited to participate in Progressive Ag Safety Day in Gordon along with the K-1 students from Gordon-Rushville. Students participated in activities put on by G-R FFA members and community members. Topics included: Lawn mower, tractor, grain bin, water, sun, animal, weather, and food safety. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the city park. Thank you to all the sponsors of this event!

5th Grade Field Trips

On April 23rd, the fifth graders went to Chadron State Park to release our rainbow trout. We received trout eggs in January and have been busy testing water and making sure the trout fry had a healthy environment to grow in. Unfortunately, when we released the fish into the pond, a few were gobbled up by bigger trout! After we released our fish, we were able to go fishing. A fun time was had by all!

On May 1st, the fifth graders traveled back to Chadron State Park for Conservation Day. There were 9 different stations we attended. Some of our favorites were learning how to use a GPS, playing noxious weeds musical chairs, and shooting off bottle rockets. We also planted trees and learned about echolocation. It was an educational and fun time.

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