CSC Scholastic Contest

On November 9th, twenty-six Hay Springs students traveled to Chadron to compete in the annual CSC Scholastic contest. The contest hasn’t taken place for the past two years because of the pandemic. CSC decided to try holding Scholastic Day in the Fall this year because of the unpredictable weather that usually occurs in the spring (ironically, the campus opened late that day due to snowy road conditions). Hay Springs placed 3rd in Division IV. The following students placed in the top 25% in their tests!

Jordyn Anderson – 6th in Algebra II and 7th in Personal Finance
Colter Meeks – 1st in Animal Science (receives a $500 tuition waiver to CSC and a sweatshirt!)
Lillian Dorshorst – 3rd in Business Math (medal)
Hally Johnson – 5th in Literary Analysis
Sam Toof – 6th in Literary Analysis
Mia Skinner – 7th in Physics
Dylan Raymer – 8th in Plane Geometry
Abigail Nelson – 5th in Vet Science

Way to go Hawks!

First Quarter PBIS Assembly

On Thursday, October 20th, we celebrated the end of the quarter with a PBIS assembly. The PreK-12 students were divided into groups and given a task to work together to finish. We then recognized the A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll students from grades 3-12. Our 2022 First Quarter Student of the Quarter recipient was Kaden Langford. The Student of the Quarter receives gift certificates from: Security First Bank, Shear Style, Farm to Family Cooperative, The Outlaw Saloon, Main Street Grind, Cutting Edge, and Sacker’s & the Patio. Please thank these generous businesses for their continued support of our school.

Bird Banding

Fourth graders attended the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies presentation on bird banding. While we were there we saw the nets the birds fly into, banding of the birds, weighing of the birds, and we got to hold a felt bird that was a model of a real bird. Students also got to use binoculars and bird books to identify birds and play a bird survival game. We found out that only around 30% of birds that migrate make it to their destination.

Egg Drop Challenge

Fifth graders participated in an egg drop challenge to help them learn about the practices of science and how to think like a scientist. After asking questions, they had 30 minutes to design and build a model with the available materials that would protect an egg in a drop. We tested the models and, afterwards, analyzed the data to think about how they would revise their initial models to make them better.

First Grade Butterfly Release

Today the first grade class released 18 butterflies. The class has watched their butterflies metamorphosize from caterpillars. Mrs. Marie Nelson and Mrs. Melissa Mracek from our county extension office have visited with us over the past few weeks. They taught us many things about the life cycle of the butterfly and the parts of a butterfly. If you see any painted lady butterflies flying around town, they might be ours!

Trout In The Classroom Field Trip

Fifth graders traveled to Chadron State Park for their Trout in the Classroom field trip. We started off the cool, wet day with some fishing in the pond. We got our hands dirty baiting our hooks and caught several bluegill and a couple smallmouth bass. We even had one student catch his very first fish ever! Next we released our trout. We received these trout eggs in January from Nebraska Game and Parks, and raised them in our classroom fish tank. Students were a little sad to say goodbye. Finally we went on the hunt for aquatic macroinvertebrates aka water bugs. Macroinvertebrates are helpful in determining water quality. The damselfly nymphs and dragonfly nymphs are indicators of potentially good water quality.

Second Grade Camp-In

Second grade had “Camp Learn A Lot” this week. We brought in tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and a campfire! We read so many camping books under the “stars”, learned and wrote about how to eat a worm, wrote and shared spooky campfire stories, read maps and made maps, constellations, bees and how they make honey, and we had a couple special readers come to camp! Turns out, learning can be fun!

Financial Literacy Month

April is financial literacy month. Today a few of our students got to meet and have a conversation with Congressman Adrian Smith.

He spoke to students about how important it is for students to not take out the full amount of student loans given to students. This will help with not accumulating so much student loan debt. The Congressman also spoke in detail about what inflation will do to the price of goods and services. He talked to us about what we need to do to reduce the inflation rate. The inflation rate is currently at 8%. There are a few ways this can be reduced but first the government has to stop spending so much money.  Another way to achieve lower inflation is to increase the interest rate above the inflation rate. This would create different problems. Imagine going to purchase a new car and having to pay interest over 8% on a car loan.

Students learned what the war in Ukraine will do to crop prices here as their supply will be down. Also the reason our fuel prices have increased is due to the halting of mining our own resources.

Congressman Adrian Smith came to Hay Springs High School because our business classes are participating in the Capitol Hill Challenge in which they are playing the Stock Market Game against other schools.

5th Grade Science

Fifth graders have been busy learning about molecules! We have been exploring what causes different types of molecules to dissolve. To further understand, we first investigated the attraction between molecules of the same kind. We placed drops of water on a penny then did the same with oil to see which liquid would gather the most drops. We observed that water molecules held together better than oil molecules.

Next, we tested different emulsifiers to see which would keep two liquids, water and oil, from separating to create a stable mixture. After testing flour, cornstarch, and lecithin, we found that lecithin is the best emulsifier to keep oil and water mixed.