21st Century STEM Lab

21st Century Equipment brought their STEM Mobile Learning Lab to Hay Springs Public School on Monday!  The students learned about GPS(Global Positioning System) and how it is used to automatically guide farm equipment…or in this case, a lawn tractor!  GPS is also used to help gather yield information from crops so that chemicals, fertilizer, and water can be applied more effectively.  Students were able to drive the lawn tractor to map a path and then a different student was able to make the lawn tractor follow the exact same path without having to touch the steering wheel!  In addition to learning about GPS, students were also able to learn a bit about solar panels and how solar energy can be used to power electric fences and even stock wells.  The drone was a favorite of many students as well!  While they weren’t able to fly the drone themselves, they were able to put on a “VR Headset” and see what the drone saw when it was flying high in the air over their heads.  Drones can be used to do spot spraying in fields to eliminate weeds and insects.  Finally, students were able to play with a interactive topographical map inside the trailer.  A huge thank you to David from 21st Century for spending the day at Hay Springs Public School!

Electric Monsters

The Sixth graders have finished their Monster projects. This project involves sewing a parallel circuit including 2 LEDs and a battery holder. This forms the “eyes” of the monster. The eye piece is then attached to the body of the monster. The body is sewn and stuffed to complete the monster. Students selected their color for all the components of the project so each is a unique item. Also included are the practice sewing they did to learn the steps necessary for sewing circuits.


WNCC Open House

Yesterday, April 4th, 2018, eight HSHS students attended the WNCC open house for applied technical trades. Students were able to tour 7 technical trades offerings. They were: Advanced manufacturing, Aplied Ag Technology, Auto Body, Auto Tech, Aviation Maintenance, Power Line Construction and Maintenance, and Welding.

Many tours offered simulators and demonstrations from their modern and complete facilities. About 150 students from surrounding areas came to learn about career possibilities and programs that would give them the background for jobs with great potential and the need for skilled technical workers.

“Best high school field trip!” quoted senior Ciara McCance.

Changes to Email Login

Google Apps LogoGoogle Apps for Education, who provides our cloud services, has decided to change the way users log into their email and drive accounts.  In the past, we used only the first part of our email address(our name) for the “email” portion of the login.  Now, we must use our full email addresses to log in.  For example, if your name is Joe Rock you previously used “joe.rock” and your password to log in, you must now use “joe.rock@hshawks.com” and your password to log in.  Again, the difference being that we must now use our FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as our “email”.  Please contact me if you are unable to log in.

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