Sawmill Tour

On Tuesday, September 26, Hay Springs Woods and Construction students spent a couple of hours learning how to turn logs into lumber north of town at Beaver Creek Millworks. Perfect weather and the smell of fresh cut cedar makes for a great day!

It’s CNC You See!

The Hay Springs ITE department has received a new toy…I mean tool! This Pirahna CNC router has a 12″x24″ bed and is capable of 2D and 3D carving/engraving. It also has an optional laser engraver that we are trying to conquer as we speak. For now we are in the fledgling stages, but the students are enthused about the options and added value it can bring. More importantly, this machine will be a great asset for students to become career and/or college ready. The need for skilled technical workers remains high and these employers are offering some of the highest paid entry level salaries in the workforce.

For now we are learning, and here are some early examples of whats going on. Feel free to contact the Shop class if you are interested in us making you something. Signage, anniversary/wedding gifts, plaques, verses or sayings, house numbers or family names are just some of the possibilities. Remember we can only do projects that measure 12×24 inches or less and we can customize shapes and finish to your liking. Markups will be moderate, and any profits will go back into improvements for the Hay Springs ITE department. Let the creative juices flow!

Return of the Hawk Shop!

Today we are proud to announce that the online apparel store The Hawk Shop has returned!  Please visit the store by clicking the link below and buy some Hawks gear for yourself or a loved one.  Pictured are some samples of what is available and there is even an option to customize the color and logo.  Please note that there is a shipping charge(of course).

The Hawk Shop


Planter Boxes

There has been some demand for the re-purposed planter boxes that the woods students made last year from the renovated bleacher seats in hawk stadium. The school shop class will be taking orders for more and will be building them as time allows. If anyone is interested, please let Mr. Badje or the office know. Cost will be $20 each. Proceeds will go to the ITE program improvements. (Flowers not included. 😉 )

WNCC Open House

Yesterday, April 4th, 2018, eight HSHS students attended the WNCC open house for applied technical trades. Students were able to tour 7 technical trades offerings. They were: Advanced manufacturing, Aplied Ag Technology, Auto Body, Auto Tech, Aviation Maintenance, Power Line Construction and Maintenance, and Welding.

Many tours offered simulators and demonstrations from their modern and complete facilities. About 150 students from surrounding areas came to learn about career possibilities and programs that would give them the background for jobs with great potential and the need for skilled technical workers.

“Best high school field trip!” quoted senior Ciara McCance.

WNCC Powerline Open House

Hunter Letcher, Austin Anderson, and Chris Adams and Mr. Badje attended the WNCC Powerline Construction & Maintenance open house. It is an interesting and excellent option for students who enjoy working outdoors or doing hands on type of work. The program is one year long and students must be 18 years of age. Opportunities are local or nationwide and the starting pay is excellent and includes benefits. Students were able to practice pole climbing, riding in bucket trucks, as well as observing a pole-top rescue, pole installation, and pole topping construction.

Updated Project House

Finally taking shape. After starting from a bare bones remodeling job, The project house is finally starting to look like a home. Window and door trim, lighting, interior doors, as well as cabinet installation are giving the students some pride in ownership as they reach some of the latter steps in the remodel. Last years classes set the foundation with some framing, new wiring, insulation, windows, and sheet rock hanging and mudding just to name a few of the jobs accomplished.

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