Mandatory Concussion/Parent’s Meeting, Sunday Aug. 5th

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Sunday, August 5th  at 5 pm there will be a short meeting in the Old Auditorium for all athletes in grades 7-12 and their parents. All athletic forms and fees can be taken care of at this time. Also, a short video informing parents and athletes about the signs and symptoms of a concussion will be presented.  Please help spread the word!

Tales of Wyoming’s Outlaw West, April 24th

Hay Springs Public Schools will be hosting Tom O’Day’s Presentation of “Tales of Wyoming’s Outlaw West” as told by Tom O’Day and Bronco Nell on April 24th, in the Auditorium at 2:00 PM (K-5th grade students and staff) and at 3:00 PM (6th -12th grade students and staff).  Visit the Wild West with Tom O’Day and Bronco Nell as they tell stories of cattle rustlin’, train robbin’, ridin’ with Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch and more!

Rescheduled to April 24th!