Veteran’s Day Program 2022

The Americanism Committee would like to invite all Veterans or families of Veterans to submit a picture of themselves or a loved one they would like to honor. The pictures will be on display before the Veteran’s Day program on November, 10th. If you have a scanned picture you may e-mail it to or if you have a photo you would like to be scanned please feel free to stop by the office so someone can scan it for you. Please include the name and branch of service.
Thank you!

2022 Junior/Senior Prom

The 2022 Prom will be held in the auditorium on April 30th. The Grand March will be held in the auditorium beginning at 8:30. The doors will open to the public at 8:15 p.m. to attend the Grand March and parent dance ONLY. All public, including parents, are asked to leave immediately following the parent dance so that the students can enjoy spending the evening with their classmates and friends. This is a reminder to parents and students that only students in grades 9-12 are eligible to attend prom. In addition, 9th & 10th grade students must be eligible the week of April 25th in order to attend prom.

Ground Hog Day Celebration!

The Hay Springs Public School PK-5th grades enjoyed a Ground Hog Day celebration this morning…or rather a “Hound Dog Day” celebration…with a special visitor!  After learning about the weather outlook for the next 6 weeks, the kids had some yummy treats before returning to their room.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Weyers for organizing this warm and wonderful event on such a cold day!

Conservation Festival

On Tuesday, May 4th, the fifth graders attended the Conservation Festival in Chadron hosted by UWNRD. Students visited 8 different presenters who set up hands-on stations to teach about conservation. A few of the stations students experienced were the GPS Scavenger Hunt, Weed Watchers, Migratory Birds Game, Tree Cookies, and always a favorite, the Water Rockets. We had a great day and learned more about how to protect our valuable natural resources. A few students take-aways from the day:

*I learned about aquifers and how water flows through.
*I learned that it is hard for birds to migrate.
*I learned that peeling bark off trees is bad.
*I learned how to use a GPS.
*I learned about different noxious weeds in Nebraska.
*I learned how weeds spread.
*I learned that tree rings will grow bigger if it is healthy.

2019-2020 High School Athletic Awards

JCS Athletic Achievement Awards - East Jessamine Middle School

2019-2020 High School Athletic Awards


Panhandle Conference Award Winners



Harvey Wesley – Honorable Mention



Katelin Agler –- 1st Team All Conference

Joce Varvel – 2nd Team All Conference

Jaiden Anderson – Honorable Mention



Joce Varvel – Honorable Mention

Hannah Hoos – Honorable Mention

Samantha Toof – Honorable Mention

Charles Twarling – Honorable Mention

Logan DeCoste – Honorable Mention

Gabe Varvel – Honorable Mention


Class D All State Band 

Angelica Volquardsen, Ashley Tobiasson, Gabe Varvel, Joce Varvel, Mia Skinner, Sam Hindman


NCPA Academic All State Awards

Joce Varvel- Volleyball, Play, Speech and Music

Katelin Agler – Volleyball

Ashley Burrows – Play

Sam Hindman – Speech

Ashley Tobiasson – Music


2019-2020 Letter Winners

Kaden Langford – One Act

Braydon Binger – Basketball

Hally Johnson – Basketball, One Act

Colter Meeks – Football

Emily Nelson – Basketball, Speech, One Act

Jett Rasmussen – Basketball, Speech, One Act

RJ Riggs – Football

James Scherbarth – Basketball

Toby Scherbarth – Football, Basketball, One Act

Augustus Scott – Football

Mia Skinner – Volleyball, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Breely Smith – Basketball

Samantha Toof – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Harvey Wesley- Wrestling, Football, Music

Logan DeCoste – Football, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Jazlyn Smith – Volleyball, Basketball

Laney Smith – Volleyball

Ashley Tobiasson – Volleyball, FBLA, Music, Speech

Gabe Varvel – Football, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Sam Hindman – Music, Speech, One Act

Jaiden Anderson – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Cadell Brunsch – Basketball, Speech

Hannah Hoos – Volleyball, Basketball, FBLA, One Act

Kade Moore – Football, Basketball

Bailey Scherbarth – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Charles Twarling – Football, Basketball, Speech

Jocelyn Varvel – Volleyball, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

RyLee Wolken – Volleyball, Speech, One Act

Katelin Agler – Volleyball, Basketball, FBLA, One Act

Ashley Burrows – FBLA, One Act

Clark Orr – FBLA

Jacob Roberts – FBLA, One Act

Angelica Volquardsen – Music

Ruth West – Music, One Act

Hannah Wohl – Cross Country

Spencer Kadlecek – One Act

Kaleb Miller – One Act











2019-2020 Middle Level/High School Academic Awards

Staff Awards Ceremony Clipart| (45)++ Photos on This Page #SACC ...

Middle Level/High School Academic Awards


Attendance through 3rd Quarter

Perfect – (0 days missed) Hally Johnson, Kaleb Miller

Outstanding – (Less than 1 day) – Dustin Brien, Elizabeth Brien, Cooper Johnson, Cooper Meeks, Anthony Running Hawk, Talan Smith, Taden Tobiasson, Parker Wellnitz, Bailey Scherbarth, Brandon Traversie


Ms. Garrett’s Classroom –

Reading 6 – Anastasia Davis

Math 6 – Anastasia Davis

Pre- Algebra – Toby Scherbarth

Social Studies – Anastasia Davis

Science 6 – Anastasia Davis

Ms. Holtmeier’s Classroom –

Careers & Tech 6 – Anastasia Davis


Mrs. Marcy’s Classroom

English 6 – Anastasia Davis


Ms. Kudrna’s Classroom

Reading 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

Reading 8 – Abigail Russell

English 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

English 8 – Abigail Russell


Mr. Rotherham’s Classroom

Science 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

Math 8 – Abigail Russell

Science 8 – Alexa Tonjes

Geometry – Sam Hindman

Biology – Ashley Tobiasson

Stats/Trig – Hunter Letcher


Mrs. Young’s Classroom

Math 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

Science 9 – Samantha Toof

Algebra I – Hally Johnson

Animal Science/Vet Science – RyLee Wolken

Physics – RyLee Wolken

Anatomy/Physiology – RyLee Wolken


Mr. Bounous’s Classroom

Social Studies 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

Social Studies 8 – Ava McKillip

World Geography – Jett Rasmussen

World History – Sam Hindman

American History – RyLee Wolken

American Government – Hunter Letcher, Ashley Burrows


Mrs. Beguin’s Classroom

English 9 – Jett Rasmussen, Kaden Langford

English 10 – Sam Hindman, Gabe Varvel

English 11 – Joce Varvel, RyLee Wolken

English 12 – Ashley Burrows

Literature/Creative Writing – Kaden Langford

Journalism I/II – Laney Smith


Mrs. Marx’s Classroom

Algebra II – Kaleb Miller

College Algebra – Hannah Hoos, Angelica Volquardsen


Ms Lein’s Classroom

Careers & Tech 7 – Lillian Dorshorst

Personal Finance – Katelin Agler

Intro to Business/Economics – Ashley Tobiasson

Accounting – Ashley Burrows

Computer Science – Hunter Letcher

Video Production – Hally Johnson


Mr. Lechtenberg’s Classroom

Intro to AG – Jett Rasmussen

AG Business Management – Jaiden Anderson


Mr. Chavala’s Classroom

Spanish I – Emily Nelson

Spanish II – Ashley Tobiasson


Mr. Badje’s Classroom

Careers & Tech 8 – Abigail Nelson

Woods/Metals I – Kade Moore

Woods/Metals II – Tallon Regier

Construction I/II – Jace Langford

Drafting/Woods – Hunter Letcher


Mrs. Varvel’s Classroom

ML Fine Arts 6th – Julia Russell

ML Fine Arts 7th – Dylan Young

ML Fine Arts 8th – Gage Mintken

Performing Arts – Jocelyn Varvel

Choir – Angelica Volquardsen

HS Band – Ashley Tobiasson


Mrs. Mandleko’s Classroom

ML PE 6th – Anastasia Davis

ML PE 7th – Dylan Young

PE/Health 9 – Mia Skinner

2019-2020 Elementary Academic Awards   

               Celebration Clipart Award Ceremony - Academic Award - Free ...                                                                                                                                                                                            

2019-2020 Elementary Academic Awards   




Attendance through 3rd quarter

Perfect Attendance – (0 Days) Whitten Diers

Outstanding Attendance – (less than 1 day) Vivian Cortier, Sawyer Davis, Natalia Drabbels, Emily Forney, Kyler Kelly, Alex Miller, Hudson Persons, Karson Peterson, Lex Smith, Grant Wellnitz, Maxwell Wellnitz


1st Grade Classroom Awards –

Phonics – Hudson Persons

Reading –  Jane Gaswick

Math – Merritt Albrecht, Ileana Reimann

Social Studies – Whitten Diers

Science – Addison Hankins

Writing – Natalia Drabbels

2nd Grade Class Classroom Awards –

Math – Ashton Raymer

Reading – Edison Salmon

Science – Andrew Bonsall

Social Studies – Connor Forney

Writing – Autumn Richardson

3rd Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Olivia Dahlgren

Reading – Olivia Dahlgren

Social Studies – Olivia Dahlgren

Writing/Language – Genevieve Taylor

Spelling – Willam Gaswick

Science – Gage Didier

Book It – Olivia Dahlgren, Willam Gaswick

AR Super Star – Olivia Dahlgren

Social Distance Learners – Olivia Dahlgren, Sawyer Davis, Gage Didier, William Gaswick, Luke Edwards, Tabitha Twarling, Catherine Two Bulls

4th Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Emma Albrecht

Reading – Brayden Heiting

Writing – Emma Albrecht

Handwriting – Devyn Young and Hunter Thies

Science – Emma Albrecht

Classroom Art – Emily Forney and Megan Anderson

NE History – Emma Albrecht

Grammar – Jacob Dorshorst

Spelling – Jacob Dorshorst

5th Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Evan Smith

Reading – Ever Peters

Writing – Alaina Raymer

Science – Aubry Anderson

Social Studies – Aubry Anderson

Spelling – Ever Peters

Grammar – Reese Varvel

Physical Education

Kindergarten – Dawson Raymer

1st Grade – Dawson Raymer

2nd Grade – Connor Forney

3rd Grade – Duke Turman

4th Grade – Megan Anderson

5th Grade – Jaron Dahlgren


Kindergarten – Bentley Palmer

1st Grade – Ileana Reimann

2nd Grade – Ashton Raymer

3rd Grade – Olivia Dahlgren

4th Grade – Devyn Young

5th Grade – Aubry Anderson