1st Quarterly Assembly 2023

The first quarter of the 2023-2024 school year officially ended on Thursday, October 12.  Of course that means it’s time for HSPS to celebrate!  On Wednesday, October 18, students PK-12 were released to the auditorium where they were able to play board games or put puzzles together with other students from all grades.  After that, things proceeded with the Honor Roll, Staff Shout-outs, awards for the bus wrap contest, announcement of the super pass recipients, and finally the presentation of the Student of the Quarter(congratulations Gage Mintken!).

Student Of The Quarter

Congratulations to the 4th quarter Student of the Quarter, Hally Johnson!

“Hally is an excellent choice for student of the quarter. She is an excellent student with a work-ethic second to none. She is kind and respectful to everyone in the community. She is always participating in activities setting a good example. She is going to be Valedictorian of her class and has a bright future. This is a fine honor to finish her high school career.”

“Hally is always putting in extra effort in my classes and always has a beautiful smile on her face. In Journalism, she takes complete ownership of the yearbook and if a page isn’t done to her qualifications, she takes over and makes sure it looks great (even if it’s not her page). She has a level of perfectionism that is unmatched in our school. She is continually volunteering to take the camera and snap photos of different events. In English, she reads every book I assign, joins in the conversations about it, and turns in excellent work. We enjoy recommending books to each other to read. Her writing is outstanding, she’s respectful and kind to all the other kids, and she enjoys doing what she can to help anyone she knows who is being bullied. I wish we had 40 more kids just like her. Hally is a fantastic young lady!”

“Miss Johnson has always been a really hard working, perfectionist student. She has the sweetest smile and is a wonderful person. I have a strong feeling she is going to go far in this life.”

“Hally Johnson is a hard-working, responsible, determined young woman who strives to do everything to the best of her ability. She is also kind, compassionate, and polite to all those around her.”

Student Of The Quarter

Congratulations to Brooke Winter, our 3rd quarter(2022-2023) Student of the Month!

“Brooke tries to do her best in all her classes. She displays responsibility by getting extra help with classroom work, completes her work in a timely manner, willing to come in after or before school to get help when needed.  She has tried and excelled in various activities including FFA, FBLA, Speech, Volleyball, and golf. She is not afraid to try new things.”

“Brooke is a very caring, responsible, young lady. She is well behaved and strives for academic excellence. She is involved in extracurricular activities such as; volleyball, One Act, speech, FBLA, & FFA. Brook has qualified for state speech in duet.”

“Brooke Winter is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. As someone who is new to Hay Springs, she made me feel welcome from the first day, and I greatly appreciate that. She is a hard worker and I know she will be amazing at whatever she chooses to do!”

“Brooke is willing to contribute to our classes. She is very hardworking and kind hearted. When Brooke is not at school, she is busy helping on their family farm. Brooke is also an animal lover and lector at the church.”

Student Of The Quarter

Congratulations to Mason Albrecht, our 2nd quarter(2022-2023) Student of the Month!

“Mason Albrecht is an outstanding young man; he demonstrates tremendous character in and out of our classrooms on a daily basis. Mason’s work ethic is outstanding, he strives to make the most of his natural abilities always. Moreover, Mason treats others with respect and dignity at all times, his leadership is appreciated greatly.”

“Mason is one of those kids that doesn’t come around very often. He is definitely one of a kind. He is such a hard worker in everything he does whether it be in the classroom or in his extracurricular activities. I can honestly say I have never heard anything negative come out of his mouth! He is always kind and respectful. He will stand up for what is right and doesn’t fall into the peer pressures of today’s world of what is “popular”. Not only is he a great student-athlete he is a great friend and big brother to his siblings. He is so responsible and caring with them. I see a bright future for Mason and he will be a great leader someday.”

“Mason is a very pleasant young man who is not afraid to try new things whether it be in school or on the mat.”

“Mason is a very good kid that flies under the radar and doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. He portrays some of the best character out of our high school students and showed his leadership in the conduct of chapter meetings contest this year. He is very considerate towards others, never has a negative thing to say, and has a heart to serve and help others. Mason is the definition of optimism. He has a natural ability to always find the good in things around him and it rubs off on his peers and school in general. He is very deserving of this honor.”

“Mason is growing into an excellent leader in the classroom and in his different activities. He is willing to step away from the crowd and try new things, oftentimes excelling in his ventures. This young man is on the rise.”

First Quarter PBIS Assembly

On Thursday, October 20th, we celebrated the end of the quarter with a PBIS assembly. The PreK-12 students were divided into groups and given a task to work together to finish. We then recognized the A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll students from grades 3-12. Our 2022 First Quarter Student of the Quarter recipient was Kaden Langford. The Student of the Quarter receives gift certificates from: Security First Bank, Shear Style, Farm to Family Cooperative, The Outlaw Saloon, Main Street Grind, Cutting Edge, and Sacker’s & the Patio. Please thank these generous businesses for their continued support of our school.

Student of the Quarter

“Kaden Langford is an intelligent student who works hard both in and out of school. Presently he is working two jobs and is participating in numerous extra-curricular activities. Kaden is an active member of the E-Sports program in which he was instrumental in developing. Congratulations to Kaden for being accepted in to the School of Mines where he plans to get a degree in Computer Engineering.”

“Kaden is such an exceptional young man; over the past 4 years he has grown into a leader that knows where he wants to go with his future. He excels in so many things, is always busy but finds the time for friends and family.”

“Kaden is a fun kid to have in class. He has a wonderful sense of humor and when he’s interested in something, he goes all in. Congrats Kaden!”

“Kaden has an excellent sense of humor and puts forth great effort when something is important to him. He has shown great leadership on the stage, in the music room, and with e-sports and robotics. Kaden is willing to listen and take direction and try to implement ideas right away. He is coachable and willing to put himself out there in a way
other students shy away from.”

“Kaden is a very driven individual. He is willing to help others and works well with others. Kaden plans to attend School of Mines majoring in Computer Engineering.”

“What can I say about Mr. Langford that hasn’t already been said?  He is a trustworthy, responsible young man who has a very bright future ahead of him.  As I have gotten to know him better over the last few years, he has matured from a slightly silly(but still very good!) kid into an adult(still slightly silly!) who I am very proud to count among my friends.  Congratulations Kaden, you are a prime example of the amazing kind of people we raise in Hay Springs!”

3rd Quarter PBIS Assembly

The 3rd Quarter assembly was held on Tuesday.  Students worked in teams to create a project that measured more than 80 on the ruler.  We then talked about our school improvement goal of “80% of Hay Springs School students will meet projected growth and/or 80% of students will be proficient on NWEA MAP assessments in Math, Reading, Language Arts and Science.”  This will be our final year in this cycle and we are so close to meeting this goal!  Students made posters to help others to do their best on the test.  PBIS drew for K-8 Breakfast of Champions and A and B honor roll students were recognized.

Breakfast of Champions, Part 2

Third through fifth grade students who were drawn from quarter 2 Hawk Bucks participated in the breakfast of champions on Wednesday, January 13th. High school students who were nominated for student of the month in quarter 2 were also invited to participate. Students had donuts and orange juice and then were invited to play games with their guests.

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