Student of the Quarter

“Kaden Langford is an intelligent student who works hard both in and out of school. Presently he is working two jobs and is participating in numerous extra-curricular activities. Kaden is an active member of the E-Sports program in which he was instrumental in developing. Congratulations to Kaden for being accepted in to the School of Mines where he plans to get a degree in Computer Engineering.”

“Kaden is such an exceptional young man; over the past 4 years he has grown into a leader that knows where he wants to go with his future. He excels in so many things, is always busy but finds the time for friends and family.”

“Kaden is a fun kid to have in class. He has a wonderful sense of humor and when he’s interested in something, he goes all in. Congrats Kaden!”

“Kaden has an excellent sense of humor and puts forth great effort when something is important to him. He has shown great leadership on the stage, in the music room, and with e-sports and robotics. Kaden is willing to listen and take direction and try to implement ideas right away. He is coachable and willing to put himself out there in a way
other students shy away from.”

“Kaden is a very driven individual. He is willing to help others and works well with others. Kaden plans to attend School of Mines majoring in Computer Engineering.”

“What can I say about Mr. Langford that hasn’t already been said?  He is a trustworthy, responsible young man who has a very bright future ahead of him.  As I have gotten to know him better over the last few years, he has matured from a slightly silly(but still very good!) kid into an adult(still slightly silly!) who I am very proud to count among my friends.  Congratulations Kaden, you are a prime example of the amazing kind of people we raise in Hay Springs!”

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