Student Of The Quarter

Congratulations to the 4th quarter Student of the Quarter, Hally Johnson!

“Hally is an excellent choice for student of the quarter. She is an excellent student with a work-ethic second to none. She is kind and respectful to everyone in the community. She is always participating in activities setting a good example. She is going to be Valedictorian of her class and has a bright future. This is a fine honor to finish her high school career.”

“Hally is always putting in extra effort in my classes and always has a beautiful smile on her face. In Journalism, she takes complete ownership of the yearbook and if a page isn’t done to her qualifications, she takes over and makes sure it looks great (even if it’s not her page). She has a level of perfectionism that is unmatched in our school. She is continually volunteering to take the camera and snap photos of different events. In English, she reads every book I assign, joins in the conversations about it, and turns in excellent work. We enjoy recommending books to each other to read. Her writing is outstanding, she’s respectful and kind to all the other kids, and she enjoys doing what she can to help anyone she knows who is being bullied. I wish we had 40 more kids just like her. Hally is a fantastic young lady!”

“Miss Johnson has always been a really hard working, perfectionist student. She has the sweetest smile and is a wonderful person. I have a strong feeling she is going to go far in this life.”

“Hally Johnson is a hard-working, responsible, determined young woman who strives to do everything to the best of her ability. She is also kind, compassionate, and polite to all those around her.”

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