Student Of The Quarter

Congratulations to Mason Albrecht, our 2nd quarter(2022-2023) Student of the Month!

“Mason Albrecht is an outstanding young man; he demonstrates tremendous character in and out of our classrooms on a daily basis. Mason’s work ethic is outstanding, he strives to make the most of his natural abilities always. Moreover, Mason treats others with respect and dignity at all times, his leadership is appreciated greatly.”

“Mason is one of those kids that doesn’t come around very often. He is definitely one of a kind. He is such a hard worker in everything he does whether it be in the classroom or in his extracurricular activities. I can honestly say I have never heard anything negative come out of his mouth! He is always kind and respectful. He will stand up for what is right and doesn’t fall into the peer pressures of today’s world of what is “popular”. Not only is he a great student-athlete he is a great friend and big brother to his siblings. He is so responsible and caring with them. I see a bright future for Mason and he will be a great leader someday.”

“Mason is a very pleasant young man who is not afraid to try new things whether it be in school or on the mat.”

“Mason is a very good kid that flies under the radar and doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. He portrays some of the best character out of our high school students and showed his leadership in the conduct of chapter meetings contest this year. He is very considerate towards others, never has a negative thing to say, and has a heart to serve and help others. Mason is the definition of optimism. He has a natural ability to always find the good in things around him and it rubs off on his peers and school in general. He is very deserving of this honor.”

“Mason is growing into an excellent leader in the classroom and in his different activities. He is willing to step away from the crowd and try new things, oftentimes excelling in his ventures. This young man is on the rise.”

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