PBIS Assembly

Hay Springs Public School students attended a PBIS assembly today at 10:15 AM.  At the assembly, students were asked to gather near the first letter of their names which were posted around the auditorium.  Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade were gathered in these groups and then asked to start conversations with other members of their group.  Next the students were asked to give high fives to the members of their group, and finally various activities were started which led members of the group outside of their group and into other groups.  After this community/culture building exercise, students who made the AB honor roll from each grade were recognized.  Following that, PBIS Super Passes were awarded for the 2nd Quarter to Ava McKillip, James Scherbarth, Hannah Hoos, Bailey Scherbarth, Joce Varvel, and RyLee Wolken.  The event concluded with the drawings for the Breakfast of Champions…there were 26 students drawn!  Congratulations to all Hay Springs students for an awesome 2nd quarter, let’s make the 3rd even better!

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