NPPD MakerSpace

Chad Johnson, Senior Education Specialist for NPPD, was here on Monday, Oct 23rd, to give orientation tours to students and teachers on Nebraska Public Power District’s Mobile MakerSpace Lab. The NPPD Mobile MakerSpace Lab visited Hay Springs School for two weeks this month. The Lab is part of the Nebraska Public Power District’s Pathways to a Technical Future program and has been on loan to schools around the state for two years. The MakerSpace visits a limited number of schools each year and only one visit per school. The MakerSpace heads to Scottsbluff Middle School next.

The Lab includes four types of stations: Make it You, Make it New, Make it Do, and Make an Impact.

Make it DO stations includes a Robotics Innovation Lab, MakeyMakey and Rasberry PI Lab, and an Electronics Lab. What can you DO with the equipment at each station. Ideas involve logic, programming, and creation.

Make it NEW stations include Afinia H800 3D printer, Carvey 3D CNC machine, Engineering Workshop. Students can create new item or adapt designs from other sources.

Make an IMPACT stations include a Sensor Station and Smart Home Internet of Things. Students have experimented with a temperature sensor and a camera-IPad that creates pictures based on temperature.

Make it YOU includes a Cameo cutting machine and a Virtual Reality setup. Students have be making vinyl cutouts to decorate various items. After viewing several VR videos students can use the 360 degree camera to create their own VR video.

The MakerSpace is aimed at Middle-Level and High School students. However, upper elementary students had the opportunity to interact with some of the stations. Parents were invited to check out the MakerSpace during Parent-Teacher conferences.

Football Semi Finals Pep Rally, November 2nd 2017


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TIME:       3:15 PM


Hawk Store Open during Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mrs. Mandelko will have the Hawk Store open during Parent-Teacher conferences this Thursday, October 27 from 4-8pm. There is not a lot of inventory right now but there are kids hoodies and sweatshirts as well as mugs and a few hats. Stop in and make a deal!

Hawks vs Spalding Event Information

HAWKS vs SPALDING – Information

(Hwy 20 to Oneill and then South on 281 to Spalding)

THURSDAY – 10/26

MT 3:30 pm – Pep Rally in Auditorium

MT 4:30 pm – Practice

MT 6:30 pm – Team Dinner-TBA

FRIDAY – 10/27

MT 7:45 am – Grab your hot Breakfast-to-Go and sack lunch from the kitchen

MT 8:00 am – Hit the road – Fire Dept Send Off

*Hay Springs to Ainsworth – 2hours 37minutes · 163.33 miles

CT 11:45 am – Walk-thru practice in Ainsworth (1 hour or so)

*Ainsworth to Oneill – 1hour 4minutes · 65.20 miles

CT 2:00 pm – Pre-Ordered Cheeseburgers & Fries from Westside Café in Oneill

*Oneill to Spalding – 1hour 3minutes · 64.17 miles

CT 4:30 pm – Arrive at Spalding

CT 7:00 pm – GAME TIME @ Greeley County Fairgrounds in Spalding – GO HAWKS!!

CT 11:00 pm – Holiday Inn Express @ Oneill

*Casey’s pizza at hotel

 SATURDAY – 10/28

Breakfast at hotel

Pool open at 7 am

CT 10:00 am – Leave time from Oneill – 1 stop for lunch/other stops as needed

*All players meals/hotel stays included in this itinerary will be paid by the school district. Players should need very little, if any spending money.


*Admission (1st grade – Adult) $4.00

* Locker room before the game will be the east locker room in St. Michael’s Parish Center.  Feel free to park the bus beside the Parish Center or church before heading to the field. The football field is located at the City Park/Greeley County Fairgrounds (two blocks east and three blocks south of the school).  Please use the north entrance to the fairgrounds and park on the east side of the field.  The visitor sideline is on the north side of the field.

*Spalding is hosting a Burger Bash (Meal Deal = Burger, homemade fries, drink, and a sweet desert for $7.00) along with a full concession stand


For questions, contact Linda Kudrna (308)638-4434

Hay Springs Hawks – State Football Playoff Information

Hay Springs will travel to Spalding Academy on Friday, October 27th. Kickoff will be at 7 pm (CT). GO HAWKS!

2017  – 6 Man Playoff Bracket

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Fire Safety Week

For fire safety week, the Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department made a visit to the Elementary on Thursday, October 12th. Ryan and Terry shared fire safety tips with students, took kids for a ride on the fire truck, and tried on the bunker gear. Remember to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and decide on a space place for your family.  Thank you Ryan and Terry!

Football Players Read To

Last Thursday, October 5th, the kindergarten and 1st grade classes had a chance to read to the football players.  The football players enjoyed it so much they decided to pick up some library books and do some reading on their own!

Electrifying Halloween Cards

The sixth grade created Halloween cards as part of a unit on circuitry. The students learned about how to make open, closed, series and parallel circuits; using single and multiple LEDs, and troubleshooting their circuits. Every card was different, highlighting their creativity in design and circuitry. Of course, nothing goes right the first (or second, or third) time but the students persisted until things worked out. Sometimes they had to change the initial plan to make things work.

A Trip To The Library

On Wednesday, October 4th, the 1st grade class took a trip to the Public Libary downtown! They had a GREAT time and were happy to get out of the classroom for a while after working so hard these last few weeks. Mrs. Rasmussen taught them how to be in alphabetical order just like her books and then she read them two stories. They also got to do leaf rubbings and, of course, read books on their own!

Animals Inside and Out

Third and Fourth grade went on a great learning adventure September 25th called Animals Inside and Out. The Nebraska Extension graciously invited third and fourth graders from surrounding towns. The kids learned a vast amount of information about animals. Nutrition was a big topic, the students even got to see the reproductive tract of a cow and a sow. The students were able to play a very fun knowledgeable game of bingo about animals, and their by-products. There were many other learning stations that we attended as well. A big thank you to all the people from the Extension office who helped educate our students about the agricultural way of life!