First Grade Matter Experiment

We are conducting an experiment this afternoon. We observed water in a cup. Then we added a “mystery powder” to our cup and observed how the properties changed. After we added our mystery powder we put our cups in the refrigerator and are (im)patiently waiting to see if/how our matter will change!  What do you think will happen?

Nebraska Blue Books

Those 4th graders are at it again!  The fourth graders put together their own Nebraska Blue Books. Their books included symbols of the state, the flag, and a familiar sight or two. Check them out you may learn something new.

Click here to view the books!

Physical Properties

4th grade has been very busy working on physical properties. A fun way to get some practice was to take everyday items and list the physical properties on each item. We have also been using a balance scale and working with partners. Lots of learning is going on! On a side note, quiz your children about math. We have been working on fractions, decimals, and percents. Some math and science marvels in the 4th grade!

2018 NSAA State Wrestling Championships – LIVE in the Old Auditorium!! Come cheer Bryce on at State!

Come cheer Bryce on at State!

2018 NSAA State Wrestling Championships will be set up in the Old Auditorium on Thursday at 2:45 for those that are interested in watching.

Please help spread the word!

2018 NSAA State Wrestling Championships Schedule

Schedule is Central time zone

Boys Basketball Subdistrict D2-11 at Gordon-Rushville High School, 02/20/2018 7:00 PM

Boys Basketball Subdistrict D2-11 at Gordon-Rushville High School

#1 Cody-Kilgore 42.1875 (9-7)
Game 1
#4 Sioux County 35.5000 (0-12)
#3 Hay Springs 38.2273 (6-16)
Game 2
7:00 PM MT
#2 Hyannis 40.1053 (8-11)
Game 3
7:00 PM MT

Girls Basketball Subdistrict D2-11 at Gordon-Rushville High School, 02/13/2018

Girls Basketball Subdistrict D2-11 at Gordon-Rushville High School

#1 Hyannis 44.5556 (16-2)
Game 1
5:00 PM MT
#4 Hay Springs 37.7368 (5-14)
#3 Cody-Kilgore 39.4667 (6-9)
Game 2
7:00 PM MT
#2 Sioux County 41.6111 (14-4)
Game 3
7:00 PM MT

Family Movie Night

Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ 6:00 pm in the Auditorium

A young boy meets a cantankerous yet endearing creature known as the Lorax while seeking out a rare tree. Rated: PG

Come help celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! There will be activities for kids and parents in the cafeteria following the movie.

Community Feedback: Groundhog Day — Results!

Here are our results! 53 voted, yes, the groundhog will see his shadow and 58 voted, no, he will not.

Thank you!

V-Day Candy Grams

Have someone you want to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to? Or maybe you’d like to tell a staff member or faculty you appreciate their hard work? If so, what better way than to send them a personalized candy gram on Valentine’s Day! Each Candy Gram has TWO – FIVE generous size suckers and your Valentine attached. All money raised will help fund Hay Springs High School’s FBLA. On sale Thursday February 1st through Monday February 12th.

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Salvation Army Hero Scholarship

The Salvation Army is now accepting nominations for the 2017 D.J.’s Hero Awards.  Given in memory of D.J. Sokol, the awards recognize Nebraska high school seniors who exemplify D.J.’s dedication to faith, selfless acts for others and commitment to the community. Honoress receive a $10,000 scholarship toward their selected university or college.

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