2024 State FBLA Competition

We are excited to announce the outstanding achievement of two of our students in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State competition, where their hard work has earned them a spot at the national competition.

After preparation and competition at the state level, our FBLA team came out on top, securing their place among the top performers in the state and earning the opportunity to represent our school on the national stage.

Abigail Russell showcased her talent across multiple events, achieving successful results in each. Her skills earned her 7th place in Business Calculations, 5th place in Banking and Financial Systems, and a victorious 1st place in Agribusiness, securing her spot at Nationals.

Lillian Dorshorst achieved remarkable success by placing in the top three positions in two competitive events. Her performance secured her third place in UX Design and second place in Computer Applications. These achievements have earned her a spot to go to Nationals.

FBLA State Conference

On Monday, April 3rd the Hay Springs FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) Chapter attended the state conference in Kearney. We had a great time competing in many different business competitions, with over 1,900 students registered.

Aside from the competitions students also attended business sessions and learned a lot about leadership, how to begin your career, how to brand yourself for job searches, the importance of building communication skills, and the process of developing ethical decisions.

Our chapter had great success at this year’s competition. We have 2 National Qualifiers and a few more may get the opportunity to compete nationally as well because they placed in the top 7% giving them Honorable Mention slots. Students are only allowed to compete in one individual event and one team event at Nationals.

Hay Springs Results:
Agribusiness(201 students): Abigail Russell – 8th Place, Jett Rasmussen – HM 13th Place

Business Communications(203 students ): Mason Marcy – HM 9th place

Computer Applications(59 students): Lillian Dorshorst – 5th Place

Introduction to Business Communications(373 students): Lillian Dorshorst – HM 15th Place

Introduction to Information Technology(179 students ): Lillian Dorshorst – 3rd Place National Qualifier

Marketing(53 students): Jett Rasmussen – 1st Place National Qualifier

Personal Finance(421 students): Mason Marcy – HM 18th

National FBLA Week Activities

This week is National FBLA Week. In honor of FBLA Week our FBLA chapter is having a few fun activities. There are 4 FBLA symbols hidden around the school. There are two symbols in the elementary and two symbols in the high school. Once you find the symbols return them to Mrs. Sommerville for a prize. There are two jars of candy at the front office for you to guess the number of pieces in each jar. Tonight we will be running concession stands and all of the proceeds will be donated to our local food pantry.

Personal Finance Challenge

Hay Springs Public School won the Western Division of the Nebraska Personal Finance Challenge sponsored by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education. The first round is a test of 30 questions and students have 30 minutes to complete the test. Based on the test scores, students are then placed first by region and then across the entire state.

The Hay Springs team which consisted of Gabe Varvel, Ashley Tobiasson, Sam Hindman, and Kaden Langford completed this year. The students ranked first in the Western Region and third in the entire state. There were a total of 226 teams in the High School division: 67 in Lincoln, 62 in Omaha, and 97 in Western Nebraska.

These students can compete at the next level on April 29, 2022, in Kearney. They will be given a hypothetical family scenario and have to put together a family budget for the family. This budget should show how to get the family out of debt. If they place first in the state at this competition they would then advance to the national completion.

FBLA State Competition

On Sunday, April 10th the Hay Springs FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) team traveled to Kearney, NE to compete in the state competition along with 1700 other students. Hay Springs came home with three honorable mentions and a 6th place award.

At state competition FBLA gives awards to 8th place and then, based on the number of students testing, award a certain number of honorable mention places.

Abigail Russell brought home 6th place in “Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures” as well as an honorable mention in “Introduction to Financial Math” with a 14th place.

Lillian Dorshorst brought home two honorable mention places in “Agribusiness”(10th place) and “Introduction to Business Procedures”(11th place).

Other students who attended the competition were Gabe Varvel, Ashley Tobiasson, Gage Mintken, Gabby Twarling, Alexa Tonjes, and Brooke Winter.

When not taking tests the students attended different workshops.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for our students. Especially Hay Springs Public School Board and Jessica Mintken for helping drive students to the competition and around Kearney. We are already looking forward to next year’s trip!

Financial Literacy Month

April is financial literacy month. Today a few of our students got to meet and have a conversation with Congressman Adrian Smith.

He spoke to students about how important it is for students to not take out the full amount of student loans given to students. This will help with not accumulating so much student loan debt. The Congressman also spoke in detail about what inflation will do to the price of goods and services. He talked to us about what we need to do to reduce the inflation rate. The inflation rate is currently at 8%. There are a few ways this can be reduced but first the government has to stop spending so much money.  Another way to achieve lower inflation is to increase the interest rate above the inflation rate. This would create different problems. Imagine going to purchase a new car and having to pay interest over 8% on a car loan.

Students learned what the war in Ukraine will do to crop prices here as their supply will be down. Also the reason our fuel prices have increased is due to the halting of mining our own resources.

Congressman Adrian Smith came to Hay Springs High School because our business classes are participating in the Capitol Hill Challenge in which they are playing the Stock Market Game against other schools.

FBLA Candy Grams

Have someone you want to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to? Or maybe you’d like to tell a staff member or faculty you appreciate their hard work.

If so, what better way is there than to send them a personalized candy gram on Valentine’s Day!

Each Candy Gram has TWO – THREE generous size suckers and your Valentine gram attached.

All money raised will help fund Hay Springs High School’s FBLA.

On sale Monday January 28th through Tuesday February 12th

Cost: 3 Suckers $3.00
2 Suckers $2.00

Print and fill out Candy Gram Below

Return candy gram and payment to Ms. Lein or FBLA Team members: Ashley B, Jake R, Katie A, Clark O, Hannah H, and Ashley T.

Printable Candy Gram Form

FBLA Best of the West Business Competition

Wednesday, January 29th, the Hay Springs Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) team traveled to Chadron to compete in the Best of the West Business Invitational hosted by Chadron State College and the Chadron State Center on Economic Education (CSCEE).

Our Students competed alongside six other schools and over a hundred other students. The test taken that day included Accounting I, Business Calculations, Business Communications, Economics, Intro to Business, Intro to FBLA, Finical Math, Personal Finance, and Job Interview.

Hay Springs had members competing in Accounting I, Business Communications, Economics, Intro to Business, Intro to FBLA, and Personal Finance. The Hay Springs team included Ashley Burrows, Kate Agler, Jake Roberts, Clark Orr, Hannah Hoos, and Ashley Tobiasson. All of our members where dressed for success and did a great job competing!

Jake Roberts placed 1st place in the Business Communications test and Ashley Tobiasson placed 4th in the Intro to FBLA test and 5th in the Intro to Business test.

Great Job Hay Springs!

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