Personal Finance Challenge

Hay Springs Public School won the Western Division of the Nebraska Personal Finance Challenge sponsored by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education. The first round is a test of 30 questions and students have 30 minutes to complete the test. Based on the test scores, students are then placed first by region and then across the entire state.

The Hay Springs team which consisted of Gabe Varvel, Ashley Tobiasson, Sam Hindman, and Kaden Langford completed this year. The students ranked first in the Western Region and third in the entire state. There were a total of 226 teams in the High School division: 67 in Lincoln, 62 in Omaha, and 97 in Western Nebraska.

These students can compete at the next level on April 29, 2022, in Kearney. They will be given a hypothetical family scenario and have to put together a family budget for the family. This budget should show how to get the family out of debt. If they place first in the state at this competition they would then advance to the national completion.

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