Tomorrow’s Game Live Stream

The NSAA in conjunction with NFHSNetwork will be live streaming tomorrow’s football game.  Unfortunately, this is not a free to view stream and you will have to pay a one month $9.95 subscription fee to view the game.  Perhaps a better option is to just come to the game!  Click the link below to find out more information about the stream:


Looking for Volunteer Workers

Our milk crate seating in the library is so popular that we have purchased the materials to make some more. Now we are looking for some volunteers and some additional tools.

Here is the plan:
1. Sand the board so there are not sharp corners. NEEDED: volunteers with sanders or sandpaper
2. Attach the fabric and foam to the boards. NEEDED: volunteers with heavy duty staplers
3. Attach the cleats to the bottom of the boards so they stay in place. NEEDED: volunteers with drills and screw bits

Join us on Sunday, November 11 at 2:00.

One Act Fundraiser

The Hay Springs One Act Team will be selling “Stormn’ Norman” t-shirts to help defray the cost of putting on our play. If you are not familiar with who Stormn’ Norman is you can follow him on Facebook by searching Stormn’ Norman or @StormnNormantheAlpaca. Norman is an alpaca who is an unofficial mascot and goodwill ambassador of the Hawks. Norm shows up to school and school functions to promote all the good things going on at the school.

Adult t-shirts and be purchased for $17; XXL and XXXL sizes will be more. Children’s sizes are $15 and long sleeve versions are $20. If you wish not to purchase a shirt but donate money that option is also available.

Shirts can be purchased online and shipped to the school for free or shipped to your home for a small fee. They can also be purchased by check or cash by contacting Brad Bounous or a member of the cast.

If you have any questions you can call Mr. Bounous at the school or e-mail him at

Thank you for all your support!

Click here to order online!

2018 Book Fair

The Book Fair is in full swing. Stop by after school and take a look. Next Thursday we will be open until 8:00 pm during Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you can’t make it to the school, you can shop online. Just click here! The online purchases benefit the school and are delivered free of charge to the school. The online store is open until October 20. The online store features a larger selection of books. There are selections for all ages from pre-school to adults. For all you Harry Potter fans, the entire series with new Brian Selznick cover art is on the site.

Fire Safety Week

Three members of the Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department took time out of their day to meet with elementary students for Fire Safety Week. Craig Housh, Matt Anderson, and Terry Bronson talked with students about the importance of knowing what to do in case of a fire. Please review your family’s plan with your child including: a safe meeting location, how to call 911, knowing their home address, and having a safe exit out of the house.

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