Quiz Bowl Help Needed

Quiz Bowl Season is here. This year we will be the host school for the Panhandle Conference Tournament on Friday, March 20th. Both High School and Middle Level will be competing in the competition. High School will have two teams and the Middle Level will have one team. The students will be preparing to compete with practices over the next two months.

However, with six teams in the conference and nine games going on at one time we will need many others to make this tournament a success. If you are willing to help as a reader, timer, or scorer contact Brad Bounous or Carole Matthews at school.

2018 Quiz Bowl

The Eighth grade quiz bowl team and the gold medals they were awarded for their performance at the Chadron Middle School Quiz Bowl competition.

The Panco meet in Crawford was cancelled due to weather. However, the Middle School participated in the Chadron Middle School Meet on Wednesday, March 21st. We took two teams of seven students, one eighth grade team and one seventh grade team. The eighth graders finished 2nd last year in the seventh grade division and we were looking for a win this year.

The Chadron meet has grown to include 12 schools: Alliance, Bridgeport, Chadron, Crawford, Gering, Gordon/Rushville, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Lusk, Mitchell, Scottsbluff, and Sidney. The competition is tough as many of the larger school compete in several meets over the year. The two teams with the highest total points for three rounds go to the Finals to determine the winner.

Both Hay Springs teams performed well answering questions on a variety of topics including: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. When we finished the day, both teams had placed third. However, the next day we were notified that due to an error, the eighth grade team should have been in the finals and would be awarded gold medals. Congratulations to the Eighth Grade!

Members of the 2018 Middle School Quiz Bowl team are:
Eighth Graders – Ashley Tobiasson, Gabe Varvel, Julie Johnson, Jazzy Smith, Laney Smith, Logan DeCoste, and Sam Hindman.
Seventh Graders – Aydon McDonald, Breely Smith, Colter Meeks, Hally Johnson, Mia Skinner, Samantha Morrison, and Toby Scherbarth

PANCO – Quiz Bowl

After nine rounds of questions Team A – Drew Letcher, Kobe Encinia, Payton Schoenhals, and Kaelob Marx tied for 4th with 550 points.

Team B – Jesse Badje, Ashley Burrows, Hunter Letcher, and Jake Roberts tied for 2nd with 570.

The Middle School team (Joce Varvel, Bailey Scherbarth, Hannah Wohl, Spencer Kadlecek, Gabe Varvel, Logan Decoste, Sam Hindman, Jazzy Smith, Laney Smith, and Ashley Tobisson) finished with a 2-2 record tied with Sioux Co, however dropped to third on the total points tie breaker.

Kaelob Marx and Hunter Letcher competed for the Panco All Conference team and both made the team.


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