PANCO – Quiz Bowl

After nine rounds of questions Team A – Drew Letcher, Kobe Encinia, Payton Schoenhals, and Kaelob Marx tied for 4th with 550 points.

Team B – Jesse Badje, Ashley Burrows, Hunter Letcher, and Jake Roberts tied for 2nd with 570.

The Middle School team (Joce Varvel, Bailey Scherbarth, Hannah Wohl, Spencer Kadlecek, Gabe Varvel, Logan Decoste, Sam Hindman, Jazzy Smith, Laney Smith, and Ashley Tobisson) finished with a 2-2 record tied with Sioux Co, however dropped to third on the total points tie breaker.

Kaelob Marx and Hunter Letcher competed for the Panco All Conference team and both made the team.


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