WNCC Powerline Open House

Hunter Letcher, Austin Anderson, and Chris Adams and Mr. Badje attended the WNCC Powerline Construction & Maintenance open house. It is an interesting and excellent option for students who enjoy working outdoors or doing hands on type of work. The program is one year long and students must be 18 years of age. Opportunities are local or nationwide and the starting pay is excellent and includes benefits. Students were able to practice pole climbing, riding in bucket trucks, as well as observing a pole-top rescue, pole installation, and pole topping construction.

Updated Project House

Finally taking shape. After starting from a bare bones remodeling job, The project house is finally starting to look like a home. Window and door trim, lighting, interior doors, as well as cabinet installation are giving the students some pride in ownership as they reach some of the latter steps in the remodel. Last years classes set the foundation with some framing, new wiring, insulation, windows, and sheet rock hanging and mudding just to name a few of the jobs accomplished.