Thank you Lions Club and Pioneer Manor nurses for conducting the health screening yesterday at Hay Springs Public Schools.

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Middle Level 31 Bag Fundraiser – Contact any 6-8 grader to order!!

contact any 6-8 grader to place an order. Orders will be placed on January 10th.

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All invited to attend the Community Plan Priorities Meeting

Community Plan Priorities Meeting

4th Grade Reading To The Preschool

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Hay Springs Staff enjoying their NE Loves Public Schools shirts


4th Grade – Reading to the Pioneer Manor Nursing Home

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Thankful For All Of YOU!!! – Thanksgiving Dinner 2016

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School Wide Food Drive – November 28 through December 13. Start Saving Now!!

School Wide Food Drive

This year, let’s work together to have a successful food drive.

Want some free time in class?

If Kindergarten through 12th grade collects 1500 items for the food drive, every class will get 30 minutes of free time in one of their classes.

If Kindergarten through 12th grade collects 2000 items for the food drive, every class will get 1 hour of free time.

Collect 2500, you get another half hour. Collect 3000, another half hour.  Classes can receive up to two hours of free time!


No expired items will be accepted, (check those expiration dates!)

A case of Ramen Noodles counts as one item

Diapers count as two items!

Items need to be deposited in the boxes in the cafeteria

The food pantry is asking for non-perishable food items, personal Hygiene (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brushes, etc.), condiments (i.e. mustard, mayo, etc.), diapers, sugar, cooking oil, dry milk, and paper goods (i.e. Paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, etc.)  Thank you!

November 28 through December 13

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Kindergarten lettuce – grown in the tower garden


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