March Preschool Newsletter

Happy March!  It is almost spring!  We have had such an amazing year in preschool and I can’t believe it is so close to being over. (Click link to read more)

March Preschool Newsletter

Equine Visitor

First Grade is working on a Social Studies unit about Life Long Ago. We conducted interviews of family members to find out what life was like long (or longer) ago. We learned from our interviews many things such as how some people rode horses to school longer ago. We were fortunate to have a pony visit us this week! Goliath quickly made friends with everyone in our class and also made a visit to the PreK class as well. It was a great experience and we now have many horse enthusiasts! Thank you to the Gaswick family for sharing Goliath with us.

Fall Book Fair

2014-10-20 04.53.59The Book Fair was a great success.  Thank you to the many parents, grandparents, and others who purchased books for their students.  We were able to add more than 50 books to our library collection and the preschool collection.  In addition to books, we are able purchase  from the Scholastic Resource Catalog.  We recently purchased some science equipment for the preschool and primary grades. This equipment is made for easy use by little hands.

The Preschool Receive a Visit from Local Firemen

Hero. Strong. Courageous. Brave. Honorable. These are just a few of many words that we used to describe firemen. This week (Fire Safety Week) our preschool class received a visit from two of our local firefighters. Matt Anderson and Everett Langford took time out of their busy schedules to teach the afternoon preschool class all about fire safety. We learned how to Stop, Drop and Roll, how to check a door if it is hot, how to crawl out of a burning building and even how to call for help if we are in an emergency. The firemen let us try on their turnout gear and let us try and lift their air tanks….boy are those heavy!! Our favorite part was riding on the fire truck around town. Matt even turned on the siren for us! Throughout the rest of the week you could find us dressing up and pretending to be firemen and help rescue each other. If you happened to walk through the halls this week you may have even heard us making the fire whistle sound!

We want to send a shout out to all of the local firemen who help keep us safe in an emergency. Your dedication and sacrifice for others is truly amazing. Thank you for all that you do!

Augmented Reality Experience

Preschooler, Kindergarten, and First Grade had a different experience during Library this week.  Instead of listening to Mrs. Matthews read a book, they watched the book video of The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  A little girl, Vashti, who thinks she can’t draw is challenged by her art teacher to make a mark on the page and then sign it.  She goes on to make more and more dots.  The students then made their mark by  creating their own “dot” pictures.

The pictures were then turned into 3D creations through the Colar app ( The app is free as well as several sheets to color.  Parents can then download the app and view their child’s pictures.

Here are some samples of the creations from Tuesday:

Preschool Ice Cream Social

The end of the school year has quickly arrived. Growing up has just begun so join us for some graduation fun. There will be an ice cream social on May 21st at 6pm to celebrate all of our hard work throughout the year. Preschoolers who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall will be receiving their preschool graduation diplomas. The morning and afternoon preschool classes, parents, siblings, friends and relatives are all welcome to join in the fun. Please bring your families’ favorite ice cream topping.


Preschool Valentine’s Day Fun Night, Monday February 10th

The preschool classes will be having a Valentine’s Day Fun Night on Monday, February 10th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.  This will be a casual fun night filled with stations for the students to rotate through as they please.  Stations will range from craft projects to leisure book reading.  With the help of Mrs. Varvel the students will also be perfoming a few songs for family members.  All preschool family members and friends are invited to join in the fun!

4th Grade Reads to PreK

The fourth grade class has been working very hard on writing all this year. Normally we are focused on Narrative writing as that is what our state test will be on this year. Recently though we read a story called Cendrillon in our Reading text book. It is a Cinderella type story. We decided to write our very own Cinderella or Cinderfella fairy tales and share them with other classrooms. The 4th graders wrote stories, edited them, then made them into books which they then illustrated. We would like to thank the students and teachers that allowed us to come into their rooms and share our stories.

‘R’ is for Robot

Last week the preschool made their own robots!  They could decorate their robot however they wished using recycled materials brought from home and art supplies from the classroom.  This was a fun way to learn about the letter R!