FOR BID: Antinque Hanging Lights

Hay Springs Public Schools is soliciting bids for some antique hanging school lights.  These lights were removed from the school auditorium during a recent remodeling.  There are 9 lights available and all are in good working condition.

The lights have a ceiling mounting base, hang from a chain, and have the original globe.  All lights have the original wiring.

Perspective bidders can arranged to see the antique lights by calling the school office at 308-638-4434 and setting up an appointment or stopping by the school during the school day.

Interested bidders can pick up a bid packet at the school office at 407 North Baker, Hay Springs, NE.  All bids must be submitted by 4:00 pm, Wednesday, February 5th

FOR SALE: Telephone/Light Poles

SALETelephone/Light poles:  For sale are six telephone/light poles.  Four of them are 55′ long and there are two 65′ poles.  Poles are in good condition and are on the ground for easy removal.  Price is a $1.00/foot.  Please give us a call at (308) 638-4434, if interested.

Parents – Quarter 2 report cards are ready for pick up.

Please stop in the office.  Thanks!

Flag Parent’s Night, Friday, January 10th vs. Banner County

Flag Parent’s Night will be half time of the Boys Varsity basketball game vs. Banner County on Friday,  1/10.

Two Hour Late Start on Monday, January 6th, 2014

snowy_road_697Due to the extreme cold temperatures and wind chill, Hay Springs Public School will have a two hour late start on Monday, January 6th, 2014.  School will start at 10:00 AM.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

The Hawk Shop Going Live!

The Hawk Shop will be going live for online sales December 16th at 9:00 a.m. We have several new products to offer! There will be a link to the store on We will be able to accept PayPal payment or cash upon pick up. We will ship via USPS or you can swing by The Hawk Shop here at the school and pick up your order.

These products will also be available for purchase at the Santa Soup Cookoff, Friday, December 13th from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Below is a sneak preview.

This will be an ongoing process and we hope to bring you a store site that is easy to use and full of great product! We would like to thank Larel Reimann, Shannon Langford, Rachel Mandelko, and Aaron Huckfeldt for their work in getting The Hawk Shop up and running.

Annual Food Drive – School Wide Competition!

The Annual Food Drive has been extended to Tuesday, December 17th.  Any non-perishable items are welcome. The class contributing the most items per student will be the winners of the school – wide competition! Last year the 3rd grade class won first place with an average of 17.25 cans per student.

Two Hour Late Start on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

snowy_road_697Due to the blowing and drifting snow and extreme cold temperatures, Hay Springs Public School will have a two hour late start today, Wednesday, December 4th, 2013.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

State of the Schools Report

The State Board of Education and Nebraska Department of Education developed a state accountability system as required by state law 79-760.06. The State Board of Education adopted a system that is based on student scale scores within grades, buildings and districts. The system is intended to inform educators, parents, school board members, community members and policymakers about the learning progress of Nebraska schools and school districts.

Key Components of NePAS:
1)  Nebraska Performance Accountability System (NePAS), was effective for the first time during the 2012-2013 school year.

2) The basis of the new accountability system is NeSA statewide test results, which indicate student learning based on state standards developed to measure career and college readiness.

3) The state’s goal for students is that they will be college and career ready when they graduate so they have a successful work, military and/or college experience.

4) The purpose of NePAS is to inform policy makers, the public and school officials about school district performance.

5) The new accountability system provides information about the progress of districts by looking at state test scale scores in a category called STATUS as well as IMPROVEMENT and GROWTH.

6) NePAS ranks districts by the following grade level configurations:
-Elementary grade-level configuration (grades 3-5)
-Middle level grade-level configuration (grades 6-8)
-Secondary grade-level configuration (grades 9-12)
-District configuration (grades 3-12)

Graduation Rate – ranks districts by comparing the percentage of high school graduates.

What the rankings mean: There are 249 school districts in Nebraska.  The NePAS results rank school districts from 1 to 249 in reading, math, science, and writing.  For example if you ranked 2 on the writing test you were the second highest ranked of the 249 school districts in Nebraska. If you ranked 249 you were the lowest ranked school in Nebraska.

Hay Springs Schools scored well and were ranked quite high on this school district comparison.  See results below:

Grades 3-12 Reading Status
– Hay Springs Ranked 19 out of 249 school districts in Nebraska
– Up 16 rankings from the previous school year
– Hay Springs was the highest ranking school district of the Panhandle Schools

Grades 3-12 Math Status
– Hay Springs Schools ranked 76 out of 249 school districts in Nebraska
– Up 14 rankings from the previous school year
– Hay Springs was the sixth highest ranking school district of the Panhandle Schools

Grades 3-12 Science Status
– Hay Springs Schools ranked 42 out of 249 school districts in Nebraska
– Hay Springs was the third highest ranking school district of the Panhandle Schools

Grades 3-12 Writing Status
– Hay Springs Schools ranked 182 out of 249 school districts in Nebraska
– Up 14 ranks from the previous school year

Graduation Rate
– Hay Springs had a 100% high school graduation rate for the 2012-2013 school year.

Hay Springs Schools scored quite well on all NeSA tests.  When you compare all school districts in Nebraska from Omaha to Hay Springs our test scores and ranking were outstanding.  We are all proud of our student success, parent support, quality teaching, and the overall quality of the education provided in Hay Springs Public Schools.

If you would like additional information regarding the NeSA testing, NePAS ranking of school districts, or a comparison of other school districts stop by the office.  We would be glad to provide more specific information.

Link to the State of the Schools Report.

Reminder for Parents and Grandparents

If you are planning on eating with your student/students the for annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 26th please call the school and reserve a spot.  Thank you !