Employment Opportunity

Hay Springs Public Schools is seeking a preschool/elementary paraprofessional for the 2018-2019 school year. This position is part-time (20-36 hours per week). If interested, please contact Superintendent Russell Lechtenberg. This position is open until filled. Please print and fill out employment application linked below.

Employment Application

Summer Food Program


Children 18 and under eat breakfast and lunch for free!!!!
BREAKFAST: 8:00 – 8:30 A.M.
LUNCH: 11:30 – 1:00 P.M.
MONDAY – THURSDAY except July 4
LUNCH : $3.50

Job Opportunity

Hay Springs Public School is accepting applications for qualified candidates seeking employment in the area of accounting and bookkeeping to fill our vacancy as Business Manager. This position will include general budget and financial management, payroll management which includes Nebraska Teacher Retirement, Insurance records, Nebraska Department of Revenue, and IRS as well as labor law regulations and compliance. The position will involve working closely with the superintendent of schools in development of board agendas, staff certifications, attendance, contracts and policy updates. Send letter of application and resume’ to Hay Springs Public School, Box 280, 407 N Baker St, Hay Springs Nebraska, 69347 or e-mail information.

Contact Information:

D. Russell Lechtenberg
Hay Springs Public School
School Phone: 308-638-4434
Cell Phone: 402-340-0849
e-mail: russell.lechtenberg@hshawks.com

Adriene Kelly
Hay Springs Public School
Office Phone: 308-638-4434

Elementary Theatrics

-Have a good laugh and watch the third graders perform their Fabulously Funny Idiom Plays Wednesday, May 16th, at 4:30 in the pit area of the cafeteria.  Open to the public.

-Fifth grade will be presenting a reader’s theater next Wednesday, May 23rd, at about 10:30 in the pit if your class would like to watch.  Should last about 20 minutes I’m guessing.

5th Grade Solar Energy Experiment — Community Feedback

The fifth graders have been investigating solar energy.  Today, we conducted an experiment to learn which earth materials,  dry soil, wet soil, water, or rocks,  collect and store solar energy most efficiently.  We first placed each cup of material in the sun for 20 minutes, then moved the cups to a shady area where we recorded the temperature every 3 minutes for 21 minutes.  So…which material do you think collected and stored the most solar energy? And which material lost the most solar energy?  Leave your guesses in the comments!

Year End Talent Show Entry Form

Entries for the 2018 year-end talent show are due on Monday, May 14th. Entries can be picked up from any teacher or picked up outside Mrs. Varvel’s room.

Talent Show Entry Form

Elementary Track & Field Day Schedule

Click to view printable schedule!

Mrs. Matthews Presents At NETA

At the recent NETA conference in Omaha, School Librarian, Carole Matthews, was one of seven NSLA board members participating in an IGNITE session. Mrs. Matthews’ presentation promoted Hay Springs School and how we use technology. She is finishing her term as secretary of the Nebraska School Librarian Association.

Shocking 4th Grade Experiment

Fourth grade is studying electricity. Last Wednesday, we did a fun experiment on how electric charges interact.  Shocking pictures to follow…

Work Together Wednesday

Wednesday, the 18th, during Week of the Young Child was Work Together Wednesday! We have so many opportunities to work together in our classroom and work daily on being good friends. We also use partner work during small groups so we are sharing ideas and helping each other learn.

For our Work Together Wednesday activities, the morning preschool class worked together to create friendship rainbows. Each child was in charge of a color to create a class rainbow and a rainbow for each of their friends. We also created a block town using ABC town blocks. We had to decide where our houses would go and work together to create our community. We then added people and vehicles to our community.

The afternoon class also worked together to create a block community. They were very interested in where their houses were all located and some of them even made sure they had trucks and tractors just like at their real houses! This was great mapping and fit in great with a social studies theme about community. The afternoon class also worked together to clean up our playground and around the school. We decided to reschedule our community clean up day due to the wind so this worked great as a chance to work together as a class. This was another great social studies lesson about keeping our school and community clean and safe! The afternoon class had another chance to work together as they helped me create the poster for Week of the Young Child that is hanging in the lunchroom.