Concession stand open to outside groups interested in doing some fundraising. If interested please contact the school ASAP at 308-638-4434, we have quite a few dates open.

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Golf Tournament

September 7th, 2014

2:00 PM

Hay Springs Golf Course

Two Person Scramble

Teams will consist of one (6th-12th grade) student and one adult

Adult will pay the $25.00 entry fee for the 2 person team

Cream Can supper included in entry fee

Pin Prizes

Play nine holes

This is a fundraiser for the Hay Springs Post Prom sponsored by the Hay Springs Junior Parents

Please Sign Up By Thursday, September 4, 2014

Contact Brenda Johnson 308-638-4065 or Linda Kudrna at school to sign up

If you would like to participate but need help finding an adult/student please contact Brenda Johnson

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Tallon Regier, a 13 year old seventh grader, has moved back to Hay Springs to live with his dad. He is joining the Jr. High class of seven. His favorite color is gray. He likes farming and ice cream. His older brother, Brett, just graduated from Hay Springs High School. He also has two sisters, one in ninth grade and one in eleventh grade, neither go to school here with him.

Seth Elsea has transferred to Hay Springs High school from Gordon because “this is supposed to be the better school.” He enjoys playing baseball and will play football next year. Seth can play the drums and enjoys country, rap and some metal/ rock music. Next year will be his senior year.

Jacob Greenough is from California and has lived in Oregon, Utah, Alaska and Iowa before coming to Nebraska. He is a 17 year old senior who enjoys DJ-ing , which he did for dances at some of his last schools. He moved to Hay Springs because his dad, who’s in the military, wanted them to be closer to family. Jacob thinks that “Hay Springs is small but it’s cool because you can get to know everyone more than you would in a bigger school.” He has seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters.

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As the new school year begins, Hay Springs High School has acquired some new kids, and I got the chance to interview one of them. The person I interviewed was Hailey Summers. Hailey has two sibling’s one older sister, who is a senior named Emily, and a younger sister who is in preschool named Cora. They moved here from Rapid City and were from Washington before that.

Hailey likes how Hay Springs High School is so small. She also likes the four day school week, and how easily it is to join a team or do extracurricular things. Hailey’s favorite class is geography, because she likes the teacher.

She is planning on doing volleyball, basketball, and also track. When not in school, Hailey likes to hang out with friends. Hailey should be a good add-on too both our school, and also our sports teams.

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A+With the resignation of Mr. “Murph” Planansky, Hay Springs High School had to find a new math teacher. They hit the jackpot with April Stangle, former HSHS student teacher. She spent the last year teaching in South Dakota, and when asked if she will miss it up there, she said “only the people.”
Ms. Stangle teaches several subjects including Statistics, College Algebra, and Careers/Technology. She previously assisted Coach Jason Badje and Jana Binger in coaching basketball and volleyball. This year she will be assisting Coach Kyli Heiting in volleyball, and taking on the role of head coach for the girls’ basketball team. When asked what her expectations for coaching this year were she said “I want the girls to have fun, learn the fundamentals, and be successful.”
She will also be helping with FCA. A few fun facts about the new HSH teacher: her favorite color is blue, she enjoys drawing and running in her downtime, her favorite food is steak and her alma maters are Sioux County High School and Chadron State College.

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The Café’teria will be hosting a special day each month. On this day, students are encouraged to invite someone to eat lunch with them. Adult Lunch is $3.40 which includes the meal and unlimited Fruit & Vegetable Bar.

Banana Split Day Lunch & Dessert
August 25th

Grandparent’s Day Dinner
September 11th

Fall Harvest Dinner
October 23rd

Thanksgiving Dinner
November 25th

Christmas Dinner
December 23rd

Super Bowl Lunch
January 28th

Valentine’s Dinner
February 12th

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
March 17th

Father’s Day Dinner
April 16th

Mother’s Day Dinner
May 7th

PreK Lunch—12:00 noon
Elementary Lunch—11:30 a.m.
Middle/High School Lunch—12:25 p.m.


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Hello!  My name is Brad Bounous, and I am the World Geography teacher in the High School.

I have a class Twitter account, and a class Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter @MrBHSHawks, or on Facebook by searching Mr. Bounous’ Classroom and like it. (I don’t Friend my students on Facebook, this is just a place where I can share stuff about our class.)  I give updates on the class, pictures of what’s going on in class.  (I do NOT post pictures of students, or their work/names.) Reminders to students, interesting articles pertaining to geography, easy access to me (questions about work, class etc.)  I encourage you to follow me.  If you don’t know much about Twitter, or have any questions contact me.  I strongly encourage the kids to follow me, I don’t follow them.  But, it is not mandatory.  If you do not want your child to have Twitter, I totally understand.  Many other school districts are using this technology, and I wanted them to take advantage of this.

I will also have a YouTube channel dedicated to virtual field trips.  I am currently going around the area when I have free time to make education videos for the kids pertaining to geography, and local history.  I hope you watch them and take something from them.  I have had a lot of fun making them,  and since I cannot take my students everywhere to show them these things, I thought I would bring the field trip to them.  I think the kids will enjoy them. it is still under construction so check back often.

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PreK Newsletter – 8.12.14

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summer lunchThe summer lunch program will continue through the 31st of July 2014. Kids PK-18 eat free. Adult meals are $3.30 each. Lunch is served 11:30 to 12:30—we hope to see you there. Lunch will not be served on July 3rd in observance of the July 4th holiday.


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Senator Al Davis will be in Hay Springs on Tuesday, July 8th from 4:15 to 5:15 pm at Hay Springs High School.  He will be available to answer questions or hear concerns. Please feel free to stop by for an informal visit.

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