Old Phones or Tablets

dash_and_dotMrs. Matthews is doing STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education with the elementary kids and currently they are learning about robots.  To control the robots they use phones and/or tablets.  However, we currently have more robots than controllers!  Please help get these robots under control by donating an old phone or an old tablet.  Click here for a list of devices that work with the robots.  Thank you!

JH G/BB PANCO Bracket in Hemingford, December 12th


GAME #1 9:00 am Crawford vs Hay Springs

GAME #2 Sioux County vs St. Agnes

GAME #3 Morrill vs Edgemont

GAME #4 GAME #1 Winner vs GAME #2 Winner

GAME #5 Hemingford vs GAME #3 Winner

15 Minute Break

GAME #6 Championship             GAME #4 Winner vs.    GAME #5 Winner


GAME #1            __________

Hay Springs

                                GAME #4                    __________


Sioux County

GAME #2            __________

St. Agnes

                                                                    Championship                    __________

Morrill                                                  Warm-up will start 15 minutes after GAME#5

GAME #3            __________


                                 GAME #5                     __________


We Are Public Education In Nebraska! – Video

We Are Public Education In Nebraska! – Video

Kids Play Image.pngPublic education in Nebraska has many faces.
Over the past few months, NASB has worked with students, educators, alumni, and more all across Nebraska to show just who, and what is public education in Nebraska and what it can create.  This video highlights the fantastic learning experiences happening every day in Nebraska’s public schools.  Nebraska has amongst the best teachers, administrators, and school board members in the nation leading our youth, and this video is a great opportunity to share those successes.
Students across Nebraska from kindergarten to 12th grade are featured throughout, as well as education leaders like Commissioner of Education, Dr. Matt Blomstedt, school board members, superintendents, teachers, and more.
Cameos from famous alumni proudly stating that they are products of public education in Nebraska include U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, Tom Osborne, U.S. retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson, and University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare, to just name a few. Special thanks goes out to the following sponsors who helped make this video happen: ALICAP, Ameritas, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crouch Recreation, DLR Group, FES, OneSource, Sparq Data Solutions, and Trane.
The video is intended to be viewed and shared throughout Nebraska’s districts and communities, with students, parents, teachers, alumni, key stakeholders, and more, and can be accessed at:  https://vimeo.com/nasbonline


Practices for tonight have been cancelled! JH girls basketball game for today has been postponed AGAIN! We will let you know when it will be rescheduled. Buses will run at 4:00 pm sharp. Roads are slippery and will get worse as the sun goes down. Drive safe!

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All invited to attend the Community Plan Priorities Meeting

Community Plan Priorities Meeting

Girls Hawks Basketball are selling T-shirts – Orders due by Dec. 7th

2016 – Girls Basketball Shirts

Anyone interested in buying one can find a basketball girl or Ms. Sherburne.  All orders and money have to be in before the 8th. We are not ordering a shirt if it is not paid for.


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2016 Homecoming Coronation

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4th Grade Reading To The Preschool

4th-prek-1 4th-prek-2 4th-prek-3 4th-prek-5

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Hay Springs Staff enjoying their NE Loves Public Schools shirts


4th Grade – Reading to the Pioneer Manor Nursing Home

4th-nh-2 4th-nh-4 4th-nh 4th-nh-3