Dictionaries For Third Grade

Every year the Gordon Lions Club provides every third grade student at Hay Springs with their very own dictionary. Today was our LUCKY day and we received our wonderful gift. These dictionaries are greatly appreciated and used continually throughout the school year. The Third Grade Classroom sends a big THANK YOU out to the Gordon Lions Club for doing this.

Lady Hawks “Thank You”

Thank you to everyone that supported the Lady Hawks volleyball team this season. The team and coaches sincerely appreciated all the support we received at games at home and away! Special thanks to the student body who turned out to all the home games and made a bunch of noise, because a loud gym is a winning gym!  The coaches also need to thank Adriene and Staci for arranging transportation, Ricky for driving for us, Larel for making sure we had a working camera and for live streaming games, Ms. Kudrna for all the little things she did to make sure we had all the information we needed.  I owe a huge thanks to Raime Varvel for driving for us when we needed her and especially for being my bookkeeper. Coach Badje, thank you for everything this year!  I appreciate you more than you know! To all the parents, thank you for entrusting us with your daughters and for cheering us on from the stands. You are raising an amazing bunch of women! Lady Hawks you are engraved on my heart!  I will never forget all your hard work and desire to always be better than the day before and for representing Hay Springs High School with the utmost class!


Sincerely, Coach Merritt


(Disclaimer) If I forgot someone I apologize. Know that you are appreciated!

Spiders! Oh My!

First grade explored spiders this week. We compared fiction and non-fiction reading selections about spiders, wrote spider Haikus, learned about different types of spiders and even made our own running/jumping spiders.

Subdistrict VB Fan Information

  Masks are also required for everyone attending.

 We will be clearing out the gym after the first match on Monday.  We will let the volleyball teams from Crawford and Hay Springs in, but fans from those two schools will have to wait until we have disinfected everything which will not take very long.  Once that has happened we will open the doors.  That means the end of the season gatherings will not be allowed so please pass the information along.

All games will be broadcast on Striv.tv.

Who Set The First Clock?

Fifth graders recently learned why and how our ancestors divided the day into 24 hours and how to use a sun dial to tell the time of day. We first used flashlights in the classroom to understand how the position of the light affects the time shown on the clock. Then we took them outside to see how the position of the Sun could tell them the time of day. They were pretty amazed at their accuracy.

FB Senior Parent’s Night is Oct. 23rd

FB Senior Parent’s night is Oct. 23rd. Parents, please be lined up at the tunnel by 6:40 pm. We will be recognizing the underclassmen’s parents prior to the seniors. Underclassmen’s parents will stand and be recognized when their sons name is announced. Also, we will be acknowledging the male members of the homecoming court following the announcement of the seniors.