Homecoming 2016

The Video Production class created this slideshow about Homecoming 2016 at Hay Springs High School and would like to share it with you:

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Panhandle Conference Volleyball Tournament Bracket for 10/15

Panhandle Conference Volleyball Tournament Bracket

Fire Safety Week Demonstration For (PM) Preschool – 5th Grades

fire-1 fire-2 fire-3

Thank you Hay Springs Fire Department!


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School Pictures Schedule for next week, Oct 11-12th

School Pictures 2016 Schedule

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HAWK CLOTHING – orders need placed to the office by Oct. 13th

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Thank you Chris McDonald – McDonald’s Apiary

bees-1          bees-7        bees-3

bees-4       bees-5

bees-8          bees-6


Last week Chris McDonald came to Hay Springs Schools and gave a presentation on bees to the Prek-6th Grades. The student’s really enjoyed it! Thank you Chris!

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Hay Springs Hawks: Homecoming 2016

Hay Springs Hawks: Homecoming 2016

Homecoming 2016 will take place the week of September 26-30th. Like every year there are plenty of fun activities planned for the week.

As for the dress up days. We encourage everyone to take part! Both the elementary, middle/high school students will be judged on their costumes. The dress-up days will be as follows.

Monday: Fake an Injury Day

Be creative with this one! Come to school pretending to have a weird “injury”. Arm in a sling, bandaged head, turf toe, who knows? Let’s see who can create the most interesting “injury”!

Monday there also be the ultimate kickball showdown! It will be the freshman/seniors vs. the sophomore/juniors. It will take place at the softball field.

Tuesday: Tacky Clothes Day

Go look through the old trunk in the attic. Maybe your mother was a disco diva, or your father has a suit that looks like it was made from the upholstery of an old Volkswagen? It’s time to wear it to school! Show off your tacky cloths. Most days you want to look your best, today you want to look your worst!

Tuesday will also feature blind volleyball at Lister-Sage.

Wednesday: Hillbilly Day

Channel your inner Hillbilly! Hillbillies know how to have fun, and so do you. Go look through your closest, maybe you can wear a Canadian Tuxedo? (All denim) Overalls, big hats, fake beards! It’s up to you. Come to school and let’s get ready to have a good ole time!

Thursday: Hat & Jersey Day:

Show your school spirit by wearing your Hawk Jersey and maybe a hat. Any jersey might do! Show off your pride on this day!

Homecoming coronation will take place on Thursday at 3:00. The pep rally will follow downtown at 3:30. Students will then walk back to school to be dismissed.

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HS Football on Snapchat

Parent’s and Hawks Fans – Follow High School Football on snapchat. Add – hshsfootball for clips, interviews and much, much more.

Hawk Football Hoodies for Sale until Monday (9/19) at Noon

The Hawk Football team hoodies are such a hit that they have opened up sales to everyone. You can contact Drew Letcher (one of the team captains) or the school office to place your order. All orders and money are due Monday, September 19th by noon. Hoodies are black with gray lining and a white and green graphic as pictured below.


Youth S,M,L,XL   $27 ea

Adult S,M,L,XL    $36 ea

XXL & XXXL         $40 ea


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