Updated Project House

Finally taking shape. After starting from a bare bones remodeling job, The project house is finally starting to look like a home. Window and door trim, lighting, interior doors, as well as cabinet installation are giving the students some pride in ownership as they reach some of the latter steps in the remodel. Last years classes set the foundation with some framing, new wiring, insulation, windows, and sheet rock hanging and mudding just to name a few of the jobs accomplished.

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Thank you Lions Club and Pioneer Manor nurses for conducting the health screening yesterday at Hay Springs Public Schools.

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Pennies for Patients – Let’s make Leukemia Disappear! Dress up Week January 23 – January 26

Let’s make Leukemia Disappear!

Dress up week

January 23 – January 26


Monday: Be a hero Hat*** Day

Donate a dollar to your first hour teacher, and you can wear your hat all day


Tuesday: Team up against Leukemia

Wear your favorite team jersey (and hat*** if you pay another dollar to your first hour teacher!)

Wear your favorite jersey for $1.00, add a hat for another $1.00


Wednesday: Dress up to Dress down Leukemia!!

Girls, here is another chance to wear those prom dresses!  Boys, slacks, shirt and tie!! Elementary: dresses and slacks with nice shirt and tie!!!

Dress up for a $1.00


Thursday: No more sleeping on it, Let’s make Leukemia Disappear

Wear pajamas to school for a $1.00


***Want to wear your hat all week?  Pay your first hour teacher $5.00 on Monday and you can wear it all week!!


STAFF:  Want to wear jeans all week?  It will cost you $5.00!

Panhandle Athletic Conference 2016-2017 Varsity Tournament Schedule

2016-2017 Girls Varsity PANCO Basketball

2016-2017 Boys Varsity PANCO Basketball

Calendar 1 approved for 2017-2018 school year

2017-18 approved calendar (1)

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Hawk Talk

4 High School Students went to the Senior Center this morning to talk activities with the community.  It went well, stay tuned for next month’s “Hawk Talk” date.


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Hay Springs Boys Basketball Team Apparel

BSN Sports has developed a team shop for the Hay Springs Basketball team and I wanted to relay the information to you in case you were interested in purchasing apparel. The catalog is attached. For a better view of the items and to order them, go to bsnsports.com and click on MY TEAM SHOP at the top of the page. Then it will ask for an access code and you will enter hawks6A2K and you can view and order these items if you’d like. They are due by January 16. Please forward this on to anyone you feel might be interested and please text or call with any questions. Thank you!

Hay Springs Boys Basketball Team Apparel

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Calendar Proposals for 2017-2018 School Year. – return to school by Jan 5th

2017-2018 Academic Calendar Proposals

4th Grade Cookie Bake

4th grade has been studying about all the immigrants that have made up NE in NE History.  So we decided it tis the season to bake some cookies from other countries.  We made Dutch cookies, Meatball cookies from Italy, Old German honey cookies and Spice cookies from England.  Who knew how many excellent bakers there were in 4th Grade!

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