Support Staff Job Opportunities

(Posted: 3/6/18) Hay Springs Public School is accepting applications for a paraprofessional to begin as soon as possible. This position is part-time (32-36 hours per week). If interested, please complete the employment application and criminal history request form below. Contact for position: Supt. Russell Lechtenberg

(Posted: 3/6/18) Hay Springs Public School is accepting applications for a custodian. This position is part-time (32-36 hours per week). If interested, please complete the employment application and criminal history request form below. Contact for position: Supt. Russell Lechtenberg or Shannon Langford

(Posted: 3/6/18) Hay Springs Public School is accepting applications for activity bus drivers/substitute route drivers. This position is part-time/as needed. If interested, please complete the employment application and criminal history request form below. Contact for position: Supt. Russell Lechtenberg or Shannon Langford

Family Movie Night

Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ 6:00 pm in the Auditorium

A young boy meets a cantankerous yet endearing creature known as the Lorax while seeking out a rare tree. Rated: PG

Come help celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! There will be activities for kids and parents in the cafeteria following the movie.

Family Movie Night

Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm in the Auditorium

A 10-year-old boy with a facial deformity attends school for the first time when he begins the fifth grade. With the support of his parents, he learns how to make friends and adjust to his new environment. Rated: PG

We challenge families to complete a Random Act of Kindness prior to attending the movie. #HSPSRAC

UPDATED – Boys Basketball Holiday Tournament Bracket, December 21st-22nd

Updated – 2017 Harrison Holiday Tournament

New Apparel In Hawks Store

The Hawk Store will be at the Santa Soup Cook off with new apparel. We will have kid’s hoodies and t-shirts available in the colors pink and gray. For adults we have hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, and short sleeve t-shirts available in Pink, Dark Green, and Dark Heather. We also will have available for adults ¼ zip jackets available in Dark Green, Yellow, and White.

Price list for the new apparel is as follows:

Item Sizes Price
Youth T- shirts Youth Small thru Youth Large $10
Youth Hoodies Youth Small thru Youth Large $20
Adult T-shirts Small thru X-Large $10
Adult T-shirts 2 X-Large and 3 X-Large $13
Adult Long Sleeve T-shirts Small thru X-Large $15
Adult Long Sleeve T-shirts 2 X-Large and 3 X-Large $18
Adult Hooded Sweatshirt Small thru X-Large $25
Adult Hooded Sweatshirt 2 X-Large and 3 X-Large $28
Adult ¼ zip Jacket Small thru X-Large $32
Adult ¼ zip Jacket 2 X-Large and 3 X-Large $35

In addition, we will also have Hawks Playoff shirts, cups, hats, headbands, and few other clearance items.



One Act Performances start this week!!

Hay Springs High School One Act Team


We Loathe Our Customers

A Comedy

by Bradley Walton

Show times:

November 16, 2017 3:00 PM

November 20, 2017 7:00 PM

Hay Springs High School Auditorium

Free Will Donation


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Continuous Improvement Process Visitation Report

External Visitation Team

Exit Report

Hay Springs Public Schools

October 29-30, 2017

The external visitation team began their exit report with a brief summary of the “Continuous Improvement in Nebraska Schools” process. Which includes a review of the school profile which is a document that provides a concise collection of information, in chart and graph form, that includes:

  • Student Performance Data
  • School and Community Demographics
  • School Program Data
  • Student and Adult Perceptual Data

This information was provided in a Power Point presentation presented by Mr. Lechtenberg and Mrs. Marx at our Sunday evening meeting with the external visitation team, our school Improvement and our school’s committee chairpersons. We also provided a school profile in written format as part of our evidence over the past five years on the Hay Springs website link.

The next step in the improvement process involves utilizing the profile information in the following steps to identify the district goals.

  • Analyze the Data in the Profile
  • Determine
    • Strengths
    • Areas of Need
  • Prioritize Areas of Need
  • Identify Improvement Goals

These determined goals serve as targets for the remainder of the improvement cycle and were established in 2012 to improve writing proficiency across the curriculum and as the continuous improve process took place in 2016 to our goal was changed to demonstrate an increase Math proficiency across the curriculum.

Once goals have been determined the next step in the process is the development of an improvement plan. The Action Plan for Improvement, serves as a guide in Implementing strategies for continuous improvement and covers a period of one to three years. The action plan helps all staff implement strategies to improve student learning and includes appropriate staff development, teaching strategies, and staff and student accountability. The implementation process involves an entire set of significant actions by ALL staff, over a period of time, resulting in Improved Student Performance. Implementation is monitored closely by annual data analysis by administrative staff and school improvement committees to provide assistance and support as needed. The final step in the school improvement process includes a visitation by a team of external representatives to review progress and provide written recommendations to the district at least once every five years.

The purpose of the external team visitation is three fold.

  • Assist the school in selecting or fulfilling school improvement goals and plans by adding an outside, objective view of the school improvement procedures
  • Enlist the professional advice of colleagues from outside the district
  • Increase the depth of understanding for moving forward to achieve school improvement goals

In the oral exit report on the afternoon of October 30th the external team presented the staff with the following general process commendations:

  • Hay Springs Public School has a strong commitment to School Improvement as evident by:
    • SIP Team Leadership and Membership
    • Profile (Google Website)
    • Vision and Mission and District Goals
    • Data Retreats
    • Communication
  • HSPS has a high level of standards for students
    • Graduation Standards
    • Above Average Instructional Units
    • Support for students

The team’s general process recommendations included:

  • Based upon the recommendations and commendations, develop and implement a plan that leads or directs the next steps in the cycle.
  • Based upon the recommendations and commendations, develop and implement an action plan that addresses:
    • Current Practices and Process
    • Professional Development Plan
    • Technology Plan
    • Instructional Model Development

Writing goals commendations:

  • A great and challenging goal.
  • A great quantity of passive writing curriculum.
  • Writing goal is known to students.
  • Data retreats used to make decisions.

Writing recommendations:

  • Evaluate, update, and implement a plan to assess student writing not based on NeSA
  • As part of a district Action Plan, develop and implement a professional development plan that focuses on improving writing across the curriculum.

Math goal commendations:

  • Students are held to high expectations and supported by caring staff
  • Goal is integrated across the curriculum

Math recommendations:

  • Clarify, refine, revise, and reword the math goal
  • Develop and implement a professional development plan addressing math
  • Revisit student goal development
  • Explore 1:1 technology support

Overall commendations included:

  • Sense of community
  • The school is the “hub” of the community
  • Give Back Day
  • Hawk Talk
  • HSPS Foundation-Lister-Sage Community Gym
  • Four-Day week

The external visitation team left us with the recommendations for our next steps to include:

  • Develop and implement a plan for the next cycle based on the exit report recommendations.
  • The assurance that they would have a complete written report back to the school within three to four weeks.

It was a very rewarding day and a thank you goes from the visitation team, our school visitation team, the staff and the administrative team to all who played a role in this process over the past five years and in particular those involved in the visitation process on October 30th.

NEW!! Kg-6th Grade After School Program

“Empower Students to Achieve Lifelong Success”

Dear K-6th grade parents,

I am writing to inform you of a potentially new after school program that Hay Springs School may be offering for our struggling elementary and middle school students. As you know the school already provides a mandatory Friday school program for our struggling 7th -12th grade students. What we are considering is:

  • Non-mandatory opportunity for students to receive additional academic support from 4:00 until 6:00 Monday through Thursday
  • This will also provide supervision for currently unsupervised students after school. All K-6th students not picked up from school in a timely manner, will be expected to continue their school day by being in attendance at the after school program.
  • Program will be staffed by two adults depending on the number of students involved.
  • One adult will be available to support student’s completion of homework, getting assignments completed, and support academic improvement.
  • One adult will provide student activities for students to work on. There could be a theme for the week or just for the day.  Activities could include art, Legos, science experiments, sports, etc.  Something to keep the students engaged and hopefully learning.  Having fun, but not running around the building and school grounds unsupervised.
  • If 6th graders attend after school every day for homework they may be excused from Friday School, depending on academic improvement.

As an administrative team we are interested in your level of interest in this program. Please stop by the office yet today or call the office next week if your child would utilize this opportunity.



Russell Lechtenberg


Hay Springs Public School

The Book Fair Is Here!

The Book Fair is here. Students will get to preview the books during their Library time this week. Sales will begin Thursday evening, Nov. 9th during our Cookies and Cocoa Open House. We have some special guests coming to read to students. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles are invited to browse with their children and share a book or two; and be the early bird purchasers. Book Fair Sales will continue through the next week, November 13-16. Books may be purchased after school until 4:30.

Can’t make it to the school. NO PROBLEM. We have an online book fair as well. Just click on the following link: The Book Fair website include a larger selection of books from pre-school to adult, some gift items, even a few cookbooks. All items ordered from the Book Fair website will be shipped free of charge to the school.

There is also a Book Fair App. Pick up information about the app and a $5.00 off offer at the book fair.

Football Semi Finals Pep Rally, November 2nd 2017


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TIME:       3:15 PM