4th Grade Readers

The 4th graders read every day with our Kindergarten friends.  Have you read to your child today?  Make it a point to do so!


Skype With An Author

Thursday, Feb 28th, the third and fourth grade were part of a worldwide Skype with an Author. Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver answered questions and discussed their work together. Winkler, who is dyslexic and had learning problems all his life; succeeded as an actor, producer, and now author. Some of you may remember him as the Fonz on the television series “Happy Days”.

Winkler and Oliver are authors of the Hank Zipzer series. Hank is a smart, funny, intelligent boy who has learning challenges. The stories are about his everyday adventures and misadventures. An interesting note: The font used in the books is called Dyslexia and was created by a typesetter who had children with dyslexia. It is easier to read than the usual font used in most books.

If you would like to view this author visit. Click here.

Read Across America

HSPS participated in the Read Across America contest! Click the link to read more and vote!


First Grade Matter Experiment

We are conducting an experiment this afternoon. We observed water in a cup. Then we added a “mystery powder” to our cup and observed how the properties changed. After we added our mystery powder we put our cups in the refrigerator and are (im)patiently waiting to see if/how our matter will change!  What do you think will happen?

Nebraska Blue Books

Those 4th graders are at it again!  The fourth graders put together their own Nebraska Blue Books. Their books included symbols of the state, the flag, and a familiar sight or two. Check them out you may learn something new.

Click here to view the books!

Physical Properties

4th grade has been very busy working on physical properties. A fun way to get some practice was to take everyday items and list the physical properties on each item. We have also been using a balance scale and working with partners. Lots of learning is going on! On a side note, quiz your children about math. We have been working on fractions, decimals, and percents. Some math and science marvels in the 4th grade!

Community Feedback: Groundhog Day — Results!

Here are our results! 53 voted, yes, the groundhog will see his shadow and 58 voted, no, he will not.

Thank you!

Jr. Robotics Team

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, the Hay Springs Jr. Robotics Team made their official debut in Sidney, NE. The team, launched in October 2017, has been following the FIRST LEGO League Jr. Curriculum. This program, in conjunction with 4-H, introduces kids ages 6-10 to STEM concepts. This year’s theme was AQUA ADVENTURE. The teams learned Core Values of the program, conducted research, utilized Engineering Notebooks, voted on team names, selected real-world water problems to tackle, engineered and built LEGO models to solve their problems, programmed moving parts to include in their models, and managed to have fun in the process! The teams compiled their hard work and ideas on “Show Me” Posters which were presented along with their LEGO builds at the showcase in Sidney.

Hay Springs had three of the seven teams participating in the Junior Division. It was remarkable to see our school represented in such an impressive manner. This was the first expo experience for all involved. The kids did an amazing job presenting and answering the judge’s questions. The parents and family members that made the trip completed this awesome positive experience. The dedication and support of so many individuals made this “experiment” possible!

The “RoboKids” team consisted of Riggen Binger, Jacob Dorshorst, Cora Summers and Catherine Two Bulls. The “RoboHawks” team consisted of Luke Edwards, Brayden Heiting, Cade McKillip and Easton Mintken. The “Smartie Hawks” team consisted of Emma Albrecht, Mason Albrecht, Megan Anderson, Will Gaswick and Devyn Young. The teams were coached by Melissa Mracek and Erika Gaswick. Many thanks to Miriam Kearns and the “big” robotics team for visiting with us and showing us what our future may hold. Thanks also to Aaron Taylor for speaking to our group about our water and it’s journey.


The elementary students participated in the EnvironArt program on January 23rd.  This is a unique program that combines the expertise of an artist and a naturalist to bring science and art together. After learning about the importance of waterfowl and their habitats from the naturalist, the artist guides students in creating a realistic drawing of a North American duck, goose, or swan. Students will finalize their drawings in the coming weeks, and we will submit them to the US Fish & Wildlife Service Junior Duck Stamp Contest.


Flat Stanley

Second Graders read the book Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown. He was a young boy who was flattened by a bulletin board. He was so flat that he could mail himself in a letter all around and he had great adventures.

Second Grade wanted to make their own Flat Stanleys and mail them around the United States to see what kind of adventures they could have. Our Flat Stanleys brought back pictures, information, souvenirs, treats and even T-shirts for the whole class!

We learned through Flat Stanley about location, traditions and different cultures in our country. Students presented their information to the class and we colored all the states that our Flat Stanleys had visited on our maps!