Augmented Reality Experience

Preschooler, Kindergarten, and First Grade had a different experience during Library this week.  Instead of listening to Mrs. Matthews read a book, they watched the book video of The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  A little girl, Vashti, who thinks she can’t draw is challenged by her art teacher to make a mark on the page and then sign it.  She goes on to make more and more dots.  The students then made their mark by  creating their own “dot” pictures.

The pictures were then turned into 3D creations through the Colar app ( The app is free as well as several sheets to color.  Parents can then download the app and view their child’s pictures.

Here are some samples of the creations from Tuesday:

Elders’ Wisdom 2014 Video Available

The 2014 Elders’ Wisdom Program video is now available! It’s just over 50 minutes long and in addition to the evening’s programming, it includes the original documentaries and “Nebraska” video.  Click below to start playing!

A Visit With Abe

seated with hatParents and community members – Join us for a visit with Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States.  He will be arriving at the Hay Springs School Auditorium at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  Highlights of his visit include election highlights, inaugural speeches, and the Gettysburg address.

Just a taste of the presentation is this quote from his website: “As the 16th President, I was the first Republican, the first with a beard, the tallest, the first born outside of the original 13 colonies, the only one with a patent, the one who granted the most pardons, probably the strongest and one of the few poets.” (

Read Across America

Read Across America, begun in 1997, is a day set to celebrate reading. It is celebrated each year on or near March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  This year members of the High School National Honor Society were our guest readers.  Seth, Eli, Jordan H, Joey, Whitney, Kat, Jenn, Nate, and Kolter shared books and activities related to Dr. Seuss books with the preschool and elementary students.

The Little Hawks Book Bags reached a milestone this month. Aubrey Anderson, the daughter of Matt and Jessie Anderson, was the first to have 500 books read to her.  She was recognized at a special presentation during Read Across America.

Little Hawks Book Bag program started in October 2012 with a  goal to have all preschoolers be read 500 books by the time they start kindergarten.  Book bags were purchased through a generous donation by Security First Bank.  The books were labelled and bags filled by Ms. Bila and the National Honor Society.

My Webb Orthodontics Experience

My name is Jake Roberts and I entered a contest at Webb Orthodontics.  I needed to create a video about my experience with braces or what a difference braces have made in my life.  So I created “My Webb Ortho Experience” to help me win a Microsoft Surface Tablet.  The video with the most votes wins.  You can vote 5 times for me if you would like to.  Thanks!

Changes to Email Login

Google Apps LogoGoogle Apps for Education, who provides our cloud services, has decided to change the way users log into their email and drive accounts.  In the past, we used only the first part of our email address(our name) for the “email” portion of the login.  Now, we must use our full email addresses to log in.  For example, if your name is Joe Rock you previously used “joe.rock” and your password to log in, you must now use “” and your password to log in.  Again, the difference being that we must now use our FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as our “email”.  Please contact me if you are unable to log in.

Two Hour Late Start on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

snowy_road_697Due to the extreme cold temperatures and wind chill, Hay Springs Public School will have a two hour late start on Monday, February 5th, 2014.  School will start at 10:00 AM, with middle school and high school students attending their first period class at that time. Sixth and seventh period classes will not be held today. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Sixth Grade Careers/Tech

In their Careers/Tech class, the sixth graders researched engineering careers,  then created PowerPoint presentations to share their information with their classmates.  They also learned about making effective presentations.  Check them out at:

Two Hour Late Start on Monday, January 6th, 2014

snowy_road_697Due to the extreme cold temperatures and wind chill, Hay Springs Public School will have a two hour late start on Monday, January 6th, 2014.  School will start at 10:00 AM.  Stay tuned for further announcements.