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Bees – by the 6th Grade Class

On Wednesday, September 29, we listen and learned about bees. Our speaker’s name was Chris McDonald. He brought in an observation hive of about 1,000 bees out of a hive of around 8,000 bees.

We learned that if a bee larva is not fertilized it becomes a male bee, if it is fertilized it becomes a female. With that being said the males will get kicked out of the hive at the beginning of winter because they don’t work and can’t feed themselves.

After hatching, the larva automatically becomes a nurse bee. A nurse bee feeds all of the baby bees royal jelly. Then they become a worker bee, who puts the honey in the honeycomb which is in the shape of a hexagon. Finally, they become a field bee which gets the pollen and nectar from the flowers.

Our favorite part about the bees was observing what they do in the observation hive and watching the baby bee pop out of the holes. We also thought it was cool when he showed us pictures of the bees.

In conclusion, it is pretty incredible that all those bees can have that whole thing running and making honey and it was awesome learning about it!


By the 6th Grade Class


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Potato farm – 6th Grade Class

When our teacher said we were going to a potato farm we didn’t know what to think. Maybe it would be fun or maybe it would be boring, but after going to it we learned a lot more about potatoes. We first had to drive there and once we got to the farm there was more potatoes than we have ever seen in our lives! After picking up some potatoes the farmer who was disking with his tractor told us how they harvested the potatoes and what they did with them afterwards. First, they spray the potatoes to kill the foliage. Next, a machine would go through and pull the potatoes out of the ground and chop up anything that was left. He also said that a second machine would take them up on a conveyor-belt to shake all the dirt off, then it would drop it into a truck. When the truck starts to get loaded the driver lets some air out of the tires to make them wider, so they don’t leave such deep tracks. (More surface area) When they are loaded and at the end of the field they fill the tires back up and drive to the cellar (It’s a place that keeps them cool and dry until they can sell them). Finally, he told us that they would get used for French fries at places like Hardee’s and McDonald’s. It was really neat learning about potatoes and picking them too.

When we arrived at the field we were surprised to see how many potatoes were on the ground and couldn’t wait to pick them up. There were small ones, big ones, and weird looking one too. It was fun to go out and find the potatoes like it was a big Easter egg hunt. We ran out of bags and buckets to fill, so we started to fill the back of the bus. We all got to take potatoes home. But best of all we got to eat the potatoes which were delicious mashed, fried or baked. Thank you for letting us salvage those wonderful potatoes!

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Sixth Grade Book Trailers

bookwormLooking for a new book to read? Check out these book trailers by the sixth grade for some new ideas. The sixth graders used Movie Maker, Creative Commons or Public Domain images, and Creative Commons music to make their trailers. Click on each link below to watch the trailer!

Camp, Counting By 7s, Divergent, Famous Last Words, Joey Pigza, Joey Pigza(again!), Joey Pigza(last one!), Joey Pigza(another one?!?!), The Cay, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas(again!), The Hunger Games, The Little Vampire Book 2, and Warrior Cats: Into the Wild.

Picture Day’s Scheduled for next week. Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st


Elementary/ML/HS Picture Day’s has been scheduled for Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st. Shiela L. Studio will be doing our pictures again this year. Pictures will take place in the old auditorium. Please enter through the office doors. Thank you!

Monday, Sept. 29th

1. Individual and Group Band Pictures (during band class)

Tuesday, Sept. 30th

1. Elementary Teacher’s and Para’s (prior to school)
2. PREK (Am) first thing (will eat breakfast at 9am)
3. Kindergarten
4. 1st
5. 2nd
6. 3rd
7. 4th
8. 5th
9. Community Pictures 11:30 am- 12:30 pm – Please call Shiela if this time does not work for you.
10. Janitors (Ricky, Jill, Alan) and Wendy (2pm)
11. Sports – JH VB, JH FB, JH XC and HS XC (after school)
12. Flags

Wednesday, Oct. 1st

1. ML/HS Teachers – (prior to school) Larel and Beth also
2. 6th + class officers
3. 7th + class officers
4. 8th + class officers
5. 9th + class officers
6. Afternoon Pre K (come to school at 11:15am)
7. 10th + class officers
8. 11th + class officers
9. 12th class officers and class picture
10. Admin
12. HS Big Sports Picture (Wear your favorite jersey, out of all sports which sport do you like the best)

Tentative schedule

Punt, Pass, and Kick – Sept 21

football1Hay Springs Public School will be hosting Punt, Pass, and Kick on Sunday, September 21st at 3:00 p.m. Boys and Girls ages 6-15 are welcome. Register online @ www.nflppk.com or fill out the entry form available below. There is no charge to participate. All participants must show proof of age at all levels of competition. Please contact Anna Turman 308-430-1849 or Linda Raymer 308-430-0900 with any questions.

PPK 2014 Rules

PPK Age Verification Chart

PPK 2014 Entry Form

Middle School Winter Ball

This year the student council sponsored a Hawaiian Luau middle school dance.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it. The royalty is chosen through a private ballot.  Prince and Princess were Ciara McCance and Tony Morrison.  The high school students chose not to have a Winter Ball this year.

My Webb Orthodontics Experience

My name is Jake Roberts and I entered a contest at Webb Orthodontics.  I needed to create a video about my experience with braces or what a difference braces have made in my life.  So I created “My Webb Ortho Experience” to help me win a Microsoft Surface Tablet.  The video with the most votes wins.  You can vote 5 times for me if you would like to.  Thanks!


School Pictures Start Tomorrow. Please send pictures orders to school with them.

Picture Day Schedule

Tuesday, Oct. 1st (tomorrow)

  • Elementary Teachers and Para’s (prior to school)
  • Morning Pre K (will eat breakfast at 9a)
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • Community Pictures 11:30 -12:30 – Please call Shiela is this time does not work for you.

Wednesday, October 2nd

  • 6th grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • Afternoon PreK  (come to school at 11:15am)
  • 12:30 pm – ML/HS Teachers
  • 9th grade
  • 10th Grade
  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade
  • Other Staff
  • StuCo
  • Band Pictures (3pm)

Middle Level Field Trip

Wind Energy

On November 5th, we went to Mike Van Buskirk’s Farm, where he uses 3 wind turbines to help power his farm. He uses the energy for his house, pivots, & wells. When he isn’t using all of the electricity that he produces, he sends it down the electrical line so his neighbors can use it. A small wind turbine costs about $125,000 and can be bought in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. You can go to a website to see what the wind turbine is doing. One of his wind turbines makes the most wind energy in the U.S. The wind turbines were about 100 feet tall and the propellers were 36 feet long.

Mike also showed us moisture blocks. They can tell him how much moisture is in the ground. The first probe is 1 foot in the ground, 2nd 2feet in the ground, & 3rd 3feet in the ground. Probe 1’s meter read 199, Probe 2’s meter read 199 also, and Probe 3’s meter read 68. We found that the deepest probe was the moistest.

by Sydney Tlustos, Brandy Running Hawk, Kristen Rathe, Alexis Olson, Kobe Encinia, & Chris Adams

Corn and Bean Field Trip

On November 5th, we experienced corn and beans. First we stopped at Kelley Bean and talked with Rick Schneider who taught us how to take a sample. Then, we tested the beans for the moisture and the 1-3 tare. Ones are market value, which is about $33 a bushel, and threes are about $28 a bushel. After that we travelled to a corn field to watch Lyndall Letcher of Letcher Farms harvest corn. The high wind knocked over the stalks, causing the ears to fall off. As an example, we picked up ears of corn and estimated the value to be about $200 per acre loss. Then we watched the Case IH combine unload the grain into the J & M grain cart, which will dump the grain into the waiting trucks, to unload into the Letcher Farms grain bins for use on the farm or sold for the farm expenses.

by Nathan Tobiasson, Drew Letcher, & Garrett Weyers

Changing a Tire

We were coming back from our field trip and we had to make an unexpected stop. We had a flat tire, but we had enough air to get to the tire place, Westco. This is how you change one…. First, he (Randy Turman) got a jack and jacked up the suburban. Next, he got an impact and a socket and took off the hub cap and the tire. Then, he took the core out, took the tire off the rim, and was careful not to break the air sensor. After that he ground down where the whole was on the inside, he felt inside with a rag, so he didn’t get hurt, to feel if there were any more nails or stuff in there. Then he sprayed it with a liquid, put glue on, let it dry a little, and put the patch on and used a tool to get the air pockets out. Finally, he put the tire on the rim where he took it off, put the core in, put in 50 psi. of air in and put the rim and the hub cap back on, and let down the jack. We learned how to change a tire and we were ready to go.

by Austin Anderson, Johnny Morrison, Baiden Planansky & Trent Reed