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Friday School Requirements

Dear Parents,

As you already know in an effort to assist struggling students we provide Friday School​ with professional teaching staff available to assist student learning on Fridays from 8:00am until 12:00pm. It is a requirement for students with 2 D’s or one F on Monday morning grade reports to attend Friday School​. These students are also ineligible to participate in school activities during the week. They do however, have the ability to complete work and get signed out of the Friday School requirements. To do so, they must get teachers from struggling classes to sign-off for completing the work required to bring their grades up.

The issue has been that we have students that remain on this list Thursday afternoon who are not signed off and then are not coming to Friday School. In the future students that do not come to Friday School as required will have additional requirements.

  1. Make arrangements with Mrs. Marx or Mr. Lechtenberg on Monday morning to​ spend six additional hours at school. (It may be possible to put these additional hours in before or after school Monday-Thursday)
  2. They will also be expected to turn their cell phone into the office when they arrive at school​ at the beginning of the day and pick it up at the end of the day, or simply leave it at home during the week of makeup time.

These adjustments are not being put in place to punish anyone but to enhance the possibly for student’s academic success. We are available to provide additional academic support for your child but we also need your support as parents and guardians of your students.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,
Mr. Lechtenberg

Middle Level and High School Parent Notice

Beginning on Monday, January 21st, I am requiring that all staff incorporate the following phone and technology policy in every class throughout the day, for the remainder of the school year. We are losing too much instructional time when teachers are dealing with student phone issues. Students will have access to check phone messages between classes and over lunch if they are using them respectfully.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of our educational system.

Mr. Lechtenberg

Message sent to all staff:

I am requiring that ALL staff require ALL ML/HS students to put their phones and head phones etc. in the phone pockets in your room when they enter the room and leave them there until they are leaving class. Computer usage should also be used for educational purposes only. This is based on phone issues by a few of our students and the disrespect many of them show for staff when you request their phones. These will be my expectations for staff and students for the remainder of the year. They will simply need to get messages etc. between classes and over lunch. As the adults in the room this will, however, also require that you model the behavior we are expecting in regard to cell phone usage, so please refrain from using your phone during class time as well. Thank you for your cooperation and support in this effort to increase instructional efficiency, and increasing student’s opportunities to learn.

PANCO JH Boys Basketball Tournament

JANUARY, 28th 2019

1. Tournament will begin at 9:00 AM on Monday, January 28th.  We will be using a bracket format for the tournament.  There will be a total of 6 games.  Once you lose, you are out.
2. Ticket prices will be $4.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.  The admission is good for the entire tournament.  Cheerleaders, in uniform, will be admitted free.
3. Please return a tournament roster as soon as possible to Linda Kudrna.
4. A championship sleeve will be presented to the winning team.
5. No passes will be accepted.  Coaches, players, managers, and bus drivers will be stamped upon arrival.
6. No entry fee.
7. Locker room assignments will be made upon arrival.  Each team will be responsible for their own valuables.
8. Starting time for the first game will be 9:00am we will only take a short break before the championship game.
9. The team on top of the bracket will be considered the home team.  Home team will be the official book.


Holiday Candy Cane Gram

Spread the holiday cheer this season by saying “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Good Luck”, or just how much you appreciate them! Keep it a secret and send an anonymous treat! Parents, surprise your kids with a little pick me up and encouraging words to finish the quarter strong! Say it with a personalized CANDY GRAM!

6-8th grade will be selling starting December 3rd through Tuesday, December 18th.
You will have the option of:
2 canes for $1, this means you are sending 2 candy canes to one person.

Candy canes will also be sold individually for anyone wanting a quick treat for themselves(not to be sent) after school. 1 cane for .50$

Print and fill out a Candy Cane Gram below, attach your money and return to Mrs. Marcy or Ms. Garrett.

Click here to print slips!

Hour of Code

This week students at Hay Springs School will be participating in the Hour of Code. Hour of Code is held each year to increase awareness and participation in computer science, especially to girls and underrepresented minorities.

It is always during the week including December 9th in honor of Grace Hopper’s birthday. Hopper was one of the pioneer computer programmers. She served in the Navy and retired as a Rear Admiral. She is sometimes called “Amazing Grace” because of her accomplishments and Naval rank. A Navy guided-missile destroyer was named after her.

Hour of Code began in 2013 by Hadi and Ali Partovi. Hour of Code has spread to include 25 countries, 40 U. S. states and almost 200 U.S. cities and school districts. This includes Hay Springs which has been participating since 2013. Over 500 million students worldwide have participated in the program. To learn more about Hour of Code check this link. There are over 100 activities on their site from one hour introductory tutorials to full courses.

Electric Monsters

The Sixth graders have finished their Monster projects. This project involves sewing a parallel circuit including 2 LEDs and a battery holder. This forms the “eyes” of the monster. The eye piece is then attached to the body of the monster. The body is sewn and stuffed to complete the monster. Students selected their color for all the components of the project so each is a unique item. Also included are the practice sewing they did to learn the steps necessary for sewing circuits.


Mandatory Concussion/Parent’s Meeting, Sunday Aug. 5th

Image result for concussion clipart

Sunday, August 5th  at 5 pm there will be a short meeting in the Old Auditorium for all athletes in grades 7-12 and their parents. All athletic forms and fees can be taken care of at this time. Also, a short video informing parents and athletes about the signs and symptoms of a concussion will be presented.  Please help spread the word!

Tales of Wyoming’s Outlaw West, April 24th

Hay Springs Public Schools will be hosting Tom O’Day’s Presentation of “Tales of Wyoming’s Outlaw West” as told by Tom O’Day and Bronco Nell on April 24th, in the Auditorium at 2:00 PM (K-5th grade students and staff) and at 3:00 PM (6th -12th grade students and staff).  Visit the Wild West with Tom O’Day and Bronco Nell as they tell stories of cattle rustlin’, train robbin’, ridin’ with Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch and more!

Rescheduled to April 24th!

6th Grade Takes Virtual Trip

The sixth grade class went on a virtual field trip to Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, to visit the rhino barn. The rhino barn is 17,500 square feet. We learned that there was a volcano in Idaho that spewed ash clear to the Ashfall Fossil Beds. The Fossil Beds were once a water hole that became filled with over ten feet of ash. Some of the 12-million-year-old animals we saw were rhinos, horses, camels, saber tooth deer, turtles, and birds. The smaller animals died first because they had smaller lungs so their fossils were on the bottom. One unique thing about Ashfall Fossil Beds is that the ten feet of ash preserved the 3D fossils. This summer will be their 27th summer of exploring this site. They estimate that they STILL have 10 to 15 more years of digging.