Hawks’ Library News

November Activities
The Kindergarten through Third grade students studied one author this month. We began with a biographical video then read books by each author.

Kindergarten – Eric Carle, author and illustrator
We read A House for Hermit Crab and The Mixed up Chameleon. After reading A House for Hermit Crab we decorated a picture of a shell for hermit crab’s house.

First – Mo Willems
We read The Pigeon has to go to School and drew pictures of Pigeon. We also read I’m a Frog.

Second – Mem Fox, an Australian author
We read Magic Hat and drew what we would become if the hat landed on us. We also read Koala Lou.

Third – Eve Bunting
We read Dandelions, a book about Nebraska homesteaders and The Night Tree. After reading The Night Tree we talked and wrote about what the family experienced with their five senses.

Top Checkouts from Last Month
Picture Books
Llama Llama hoppity-hop
Pete the cat and the Cool Cat Boogie
Pete the Cats Checks out the Library
Scaredy-Cat, Splat”
Alexander, Who used to be Rich Last Sunday

Chapter Books and NonFiction
Eva and the New Owl
Amazing Snakes
Afternoon on the Amazon
Babymouse, Rock Star
Balto of the Blue Dawn

The Heir
Stars above: a Lunar Chronicle Collection
Foul Trouble
The Friendship Experiment

Quote of the Month
“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

December 9-12 Hour of Code week

Hawks’ Library News

October Activities

Symbolic Migration (https://journeynorth.org/symbolic-migration)
The Third Graders are participating in the Symbolic Migration of Monarch Butterflies. Each class participating creates individual butterflies with their first name, school, and teacher’s email. The individual butterflies are placed in a larger butterfly folder with a group picture and a letter to children in Mexico. All the butterfly packets are sent to schools in the area near the Monarchs’ winter sanctuaries. In March when the monarch butterflies migrate north, the paper butterflies are also sent north. Students don’t receive their own butterflies, but butterflies made by other students in the United States and Canada.
Check out the Map of participants in this year’s symbolic migration. Can you find us? https://maps.journeynorth.org/map/?year=2019&map=symbolic-monarch-sent

Top Checkouts In The First Quarter

High School/Middle School
The Bat Boy
The Death Cure
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Selection

Elementary – Picture Books
Should I share my Ice Cream?
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Pete the Cat and the Mission Cupcakes
Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
Creepy Pair of Underwear!
The Grouchy Ladybug
Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

Chapter Books /Non Fiction
Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray
Bad Kitty meets the Baby
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the Last Straw
The Usborne Book of Machines that Work
uto Racing
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down

Quote Of The Month
“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” – Anna Quindlen in How Reading Changed My Life

Hawks’ Library News

Fourth and Fifth Grade
Fourth and fifth graders are learning how to locate books in the catalog then use the call numbers to locate the books on the shelves. Dewey Decimal System by numbers and Fiction by author last name. Dewey Decimal System, the library’s secret code that everyone can learn. Just ask Scooter Hayes of Wilmington, North Carolina. While working on an assignment for his Masters in Library Science he wrote a rap video explaining the Dewey Decimal System. Check it out: https://www.teachertube.com/videos/dewey-rap-204545

First Grade
The first graders learned about the planets in class this week. On Thursday they put that knowledge and a LOT of air to work blowing up and arranging an inflatable solar system. Saturn even has a ring. The solar system will be hung on the south end of the library for all to see. Thanks to Julie Rasmussen for the loan of the solar system.

Book Fair (Oct 14-25)
Ben Mikaelsen Author visit (Oct 14)
Parent Teacher Conf (Oct 24)

Free Learning Websites
Switcheroo Zoo
Watch, listen and learn about amazing animals.

National Geographic for Kids
Learn about geography and animals.

Storyline Online
Members of the Screen Actors Guild read books online.

Reading and math practices for K-6 students

PBS Kids
Games and Videos with favorite PBS characters.

Library News

Students arrived to see a few changes in the Library this month. Not a lot, just enough to make the new year different.

The fifth grade helped to set up a display of pictures and books about the Moon Landing which occurred 50 years ago on July 16, 1969. To them it is “old” history, but to many of us, including me, it is one of those memories you always remember. After locating books on the space program, astronauts, and the moon, we talked about some of the books in the display. Stop by and check it out when you are at the school. Watch for more information displays as the year goes on.

All the students are getting acquainted with the books, new and old. More than 100 new books have been added to the collection with some more to come. — Mrs. Matthews

Hour of Code

This week students at Hay Springs School will be participating in the Hour of Code. Hour of Code is held each year to increase awareness and participation in computer science, especially to girls and underrepresented minorities.

It is always during the week including December 9th in honor of Grace Hopper’s birthday. Hopper was one of the pioneer computer programmers. She served in the Navy and retired as a Rear Admiral. She is sometimes called “Amazing Grace” because of her accomplishments and Naval rank. A Navy guided-missile destroyer was named after her.

Hour of Code began in 2013 by Hadi and Ali Partovi. Hour of Code has spread to include 25 countries, 40 U. S. states and almost 200 U.S. cities and school districts. This includes Hay Springs which has been participating since 2013. Over 500 million students worldwide have participated in the program. To learn more about Hour of Code check this link. There are over 100 activities on their site from one hour introductory tutorials to full courses.

Looking for Volunteer Workers

Our milk crate seating in the library is so popular that we have purchased the materials to make some more. Now we are looking for some volunteers and some additional tools.

Here is the plan:
1. Sand the board so there are not sharp corners. NEEDED: volunteers with sanders or sandpaper
2. Attach the fabric and foam to the boards. NEEDED: volunteers with heavy duty staplers
3. Attach the cleats to the bottom of the boards so they stay in place. NEEDED: volunteers with drills and screw bits

Join us on Sunday, November 11 at 2:00.

2018 Book Fair

The Book Fair is in full swing. Stop by after school and take a look. Next Thursday we will be open until 8:00 pm during Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you can’t make it to the school, you can shop online. Just click here! The online purchases benefit the school and are delivered free of charge to the school. The online store is open until October 20. The online store features a larger selection of books. There are selections for all ages from pre-school to adults. For all you Harry Potter fans, the entire series with new Brian Selznick cover art is on the site.

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