Library Links

High School and Middle School Lovers of Graphic Novels… Here is a site for you to checkout. This site has links to webcomics. Give them a try if you are looking for something different to read.

Just want to listen to a good book? Audible books has many free books for tots to teens, classics and fairy tales.

For the STEM minded… Take a look at the NASA site. Includes activities you can do with household items.

Read Aloud Books For All Grades

The K-4 read alouds are somewhat familiar, but this site includes selections for grades 5-8.  The 5-8 books are read by the authors and are Youtube videos.  The first three are installment readings of the entire book. Not sure if “The False Prince” will be the entire book or just the first chapter.  Just click this link to take you to d39 Virtual Library’s collection of read aloud links.

Virtual Tours

Tired of the four same walls however many rooms there are in your house? If so, go somewhere else virtually! This link( will take you to National Park tours; webcams from zoos, aquariums, museums, etc; and lots of other places around the country and around the world! Here is a sample of the variety:

Making Hot Air Balloons

The second and third graders had a joint 2 part Library listening and activity. They first listened to Oh, The Places You’ll Go! at Library this week. Before leaving they told where they would go if they could travel anywhere they wanted. The answers were as varied as the students.

They returned for the activity–making a hot air balloon. Working in pairs (a 2nd grader and a 3rd grader) they blew up and tied their balloons. Not an easy task for many. Then, using straws and tape they connected the balloon to a plastic cup. The final challenge came next. Can you move your cup across the table without touching it. Success was measured in inches, but everyone gave it a try.

Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Students at Hay Springs Public School use a software program called Accelerated Reader. This program has a special feature called “Home Connect”, which you and your student can access outside of school from any computer with an internet connection. Home Connect allows you to view information about your student’s progress. It also allows you to sign up to receive email notifications after your student completes an activity or assessment at school.

Log in to Home Connect Website by using this link:
(The user name and password are the same as your student uses to log into his/her AR account at school.)

A help video can be found at:

If you have questions about Home Connect, please call Mrs. Matthews at school in the afternoon.

Thank you,
Carole Matthews, School Librarian

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