Hour of Code

This week students at Hay Springs School will be participating in the Hour of Code. Hour of Code is held each year to increase awareness and participation in computer science, especially to girls and underrepresented minorities.

It is always during the week including December 9th in honor of Grace Hopper’s birthday. Hopper was one of the pioneer computer programmers. She served in the Navy and retired as a Rear Admiral. She is sometimes called “Amazing Grace” because of her accomplishments and Naval rank. A Navy guided-missile destroyer was named after her.

Hour of Code began in 2013 by Hadi and Ali Partovi. Hour of Code has spread to include 25 countries, 40 U. S. states and almost 200 U.S. cities and school districts. This includes Hay Springs which has been participating since 2013. Over 500 million students worldwide have participated in the program. To learn more about Hour of Code check this link. There are over 100 activities on their site from one hour introductory tutorials to full courses.

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