Hay Springs FFA Chapter District XII Leadership Skills Results

District XII Schools include: (Alliance, Bayard, Bridgeport, Banner County, Chadron, Crawford, Creek Valley, Garden County, Gordon-Rushville, Gering, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Kimball, Leyton, Minatare, Morrill-Mitchell, Potter-Dix, Sioux County, Scottsbluff, Sidney)

On Wednesday December 9th the District XII Leadership Skills Events were held virtually as Chadron State College was unable to host the event as in the past do to COVID. In the individual events Hay Springs had two individuals qualify for state competition. Abigail Russell received first Purple and was a State Qualifier in the Creed Speaking contest and RyLee Wolken received second purple in Senior Public Speaking and qualified to compete at state in April. Other individual award winners were Jaiden Anderson finishing in third place and receiving the 1st Blue award and is the alternate to State in Cooperative Speaking. Hannah Hoos received fifth place and a Blue award in the Employment Skills job interview competition and Adrianna Haffner received a red award in the Creed Speaking competition.

In the Team Events the Hay Springs 9th grade “Chapter Conduct of Meetings Team” placed first and will be competing at state. Team members included Abigail Russell, Abigail Nelson, Noah Kelly, Alexa Tonjes, Jordyn Anderson, and Jarhett Anderson and Taden Tobiasson. Alternates to this team were Ava McKillip, Adrianna Haffner, Hayden Boles. The 8th grade “Chapter Conduct of Meetings Team” were close behind finishing 4th place and receiving a blue award. Eighth grade team members included Lillian Dorshorst, Kaylee Kaiser, Jaelyn Rasmussen, Dylan Raymer, Dylan Young, Zahaven Henry, Cutter Scott, and Talan Smith was the 8th grade alternate team member.

In the “Senior Parliamentary Law Team” competition our sophomore team finished with a Blue Award. team members were Braydon Binger, Molly Spicer, Jett Rasmussen, Colter Meeks, Breely Smith, and Hally Johnson. Team alternates ere Mia Skinner & Augustus Scott. Our Junior and Senior “Parliamentary Law Team” received a Red Award and consisted of Jaiden Anderson, Bailey Scherbarth, Laney Smith, Logan DeCoste, Jazlyn Smith, and Elissa Reina.
Congratulations to all of these students the to the very positive way they represented our school and community in these District Leadership Skills Events.
We would also like to thank Mr. Hagge for supporting our FFA Chapter by volunteering his time to serve as a judge for the day’s events and huge thank you to Mr. Larel Reimann for assisting with the technology and set up of these events.

Hay Springs FFA Chapter Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremonies & 2020-21 Officer Installations

On November 17th the Hay Springs FFA Chapter conducted our Greenhand ceremonies for our 2019-20 members and our new 2020-21 FFA members. We also conducted Chapter Degree ceremonies for the 2019-20 members who were to receive their Greenhand degree last spring when we had planned our first annual banquet which was COVID canceled. Our ceremonies only included members of the FFA member’s immediate families and was live streamed by our great technology coordinator, Larel Reimann.

The evening began with the formal opening ceremonies conducted by the 2019-20 officers who include Seniors, president Hannah H, treasurer Jaiden A, parliamentarian RyLee W, Juniors, secretary Laney S, chaplain Jazlyn S, sentenal Logan D and historian Elissa R, and Sophomores, vice-president Braydon B, reporter Jett R. Following the opening ceremonies Ms. RyLee Wolken presented a welcome followed by an invocation by Jazlyn Smith.
The formal Greenhand Degree ceremonies were conducted by 2019-20 officers and Mr. Lechtenberg. As part of these ceremonies Abigail Nelson, Adrianna Haffner and Abigail Russell each presented the FFA Creed, which outlines the basic belief of all FFA members. Greenhand Certificates and pins will be presented during Ag class in the near future. Students receiving the Greenhand degrees were: Jaiden A, Hannah H, Bailey S, RyLee W, Logan D, Elissa R, Laney S, Jazlyn S, Braydon B, Colter M, Jett R, Toby S, Augustus S, Hally J, Mia S, Breely S, Molly S, Jarhett A, Jordyn A, Adrianna H, Noah K, Ava M, Abigail N, Abigail R, Taden T, Alexa T

Following the Greenhand ceremonies Mr. Lechtenberg acknowledged members who successfully participated in District XII and State Leadership Skills Events and the Career Development Events. Those members receiving individual awards during the 2019-20 were; Hannah H, Jaiden A, RyLee W, Bailey S, Laney S, Jazlyn S, Braydon B, Colter M, Jett R, Toby S, and Augustus S. Individual Leadership Skills events areas where our students received awards included Senior and Junior Public speaking, Cooperative Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Creed speaking and Employment Job Skills Interview competition.
Hay Springs chapter members also received Leadership Skills Event team awards in Senior Parliamentary Procedure where we had two teams competing and receive a blue and red awards.

In the District and State Career Development Events competition students received individual and team recognition in the following areas of competition; Agri-Science, Floriculture, Livestock Management, Livestock Selection, Meats, Agronomy and Farm Business Management competition.

Mr. Lechtenberg also recognized and thanked those businesses and individuals who have supported our chapter in its first year of reinstatement as a member of the Nebraska FFA Association and the National FFA Organization.

The 2019-20 officer team then conducted the ceremonies for those individuals that have met the requirements for the FFA Chapter Degree. Those members receiving the Chapter Degree included; Jaiden A, Hannah H, Bailey S, RyLee W, Logan D, Elissa R, Laney S, Jazlyn S, Braydon B, Colter M, Jett R, Toby S, Augustus S, Molly S. These students will also receive their Chapter Degree medals and certificates during class in the near future. These students have developed Supervised Agricultural Experience programs and are well on their way to receiving their State FFA degree in their senior year. Congratulations to these students on their accomplishments in FFA and we encourage them to continue to growth through their involvement and participation in our FFA activities.

The final event of the evening was the installation of the 2020-21 by the 2019-20 officer team. Our 2020-21 officers were selected after five members of our committee served as a nominating committee to review the applications of fourteen very qualified students to select the individual students to serve as members of the Hay Springs FFA Chapter Officer team for 2020-21. This group of officers will serve our chapter until May when hopefully we can conduct are first annual banquet honoring the achievements of 2020-21 competitions and installing officers for the 2021-22 year. Our 2020-21 officer team includes President-Hannah Hoos, Vice-President-Jaiden Anderson, Secretary-RyLee Wolken, Treasurer-Molly Spicer, Reporter-Bailey Scherbarth, Parliamentarian-Logan DeCoste, Sentential-Jett Rasmussen, Jr. Adviser-Braydon Binger, Historian-Breely Smith, and Chaplain-Mia Skinner. Congratulations to our new officers as we look forward to a very successful year.
The evening concluded with the closing ceremonies and the pledge to our flag.

Other FFA Events
On November 4th the new Hay Springs FFA jackets arrived so that all of our members now have jackets and are ready to represent our chapter with pride wherever we travel for events and competition. Our first competitive event will be held virtually as our members will compete in the District XII Leadership Skills Events on December 9th. Students will be competing individually in Senior Public Speaking, Cooperative Speaking and Creed Speaking and in the Parliamentary Procedure and the Chapter Conduct of Meetings team events. We want to wish these students the best of luck as they attempt to advance to state level competition.

Hay Springs FFA Has Been Active In November

As announced earlier in the year our FFA chapter received a $8,000 matching fund grant from the Nebraska FFA Foundation. This was the result of an application submitted in the spring of 2020 for the chapter to develop a chapter goat production program. It is our hope that this program will provide some hands-on student experiences in the livestock industry with a minimum of investment. We also hope to provide the opportunity for members of the Hay Springs FFA Chapter to exhibit goats at the area county fairs. This process is well underway with the anticipation of having baby goats on campus yet this winter.

The first step in this process is to raise the matching funds to complete this project. We received tremendous support up to this point. We have received notice that the Nebraska FFA Foundation’s “I Believe in Ag” program has received over $5,500 in donations in behalf of the Hay Springs FFA Chapter. This includes a generous donation from Security First Bank and individual personal donations as well as the James Scott family/Gordon Livestock Market fundraiser.

James Scott Family and Gordon Livestock Market
One of the major contributions was the result of the James Scott family donation of a feeder steer at the Gordon Livestock Market. The Gordon Livestock Market sold the feeder steer in a roll-over auction and generated over $4,600 for the benefit of our Hay Springs FFA Chapter. Mr. Badje, and Mr. & Mrs. Lechtenberg took 18 FFA members to the sale to show our appreciation for those individuals that contributed to this awesome fundraiser for our FFA Chapter. Those attending were Animal Science students Jett R, Logan D, Molly S, Toby S, Mia S, Hannah H, Braydon B, Breely S, Hally J, Augustus S, and Introduction to Agri-Science students Noah K, Alexa T, Abigail R, Jordyn A, Tadden T, Ava M, Jarhett A, and Abigail N.

We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their support at the Gordon Livestock Market/Scott family fundraiser for the Hay Springs FFA Chapter; Gary & Diane Sandage, Koinzan & Thompson, Spitoon Ranch Inc., Tom Tines, Pieper Red Angus, Tom Marcy, Shawn Combs, Topp Herefords- Ryan & Prairie Topp, Rager Trucking, Dave & Mel Sexon, C & H Haying, Antelope Creek, John Witt, Judd Hoos, Bart Weaver, Jarrod Anderson, Casey Wilmot, Bowen Arrow Ranch, Russ & Sue Lechtenberg, Six J’s Ranch-Jason Scott and a special thanks to the Gordon Livestock Market for their promotion and support of this fundraising activity.

Hay Springs FFA Meat & Cheese and Fruit Sales
Our fruit sales committee recently totaled our chapter’s Meat, Cheese and Fruit orders totaling over $10,000, which again shows the tremendous support of our community for our FFA members and their efforts. The delivery of the Meat, Cheese and Fruit should arrive in mid-December so you should have your orders prior to the Christmas holidays. Thank You to all who supported this program and if you did not get contacted by an FFA member about purchasing fruit and/or meat and cheese, we did order some extra product which will be available on a first come first serve basis upon its arrival.

Other Fund Raisers
Chapter members have also had great support as they conducted a free-will donation pork Barbeque at a football game and have ran several concession stands during volleyball and the football season.

Goat Project Next Steps
With the funding for the development of our goat production program well underway, construction of the goat kidding barn began this week. The industrial technology students working with the Ag students under the supervision of Mr. Badje will be constructing the building on skids in the IT Building. We will be constructing a 12’ x 20’ insulated building to be utilized as a kidding barn and to provide housing for the goats as needed throughout the year. Students will be included in the entire construction process to include electrical wiring, insulation, paneling of the interior walls, and the application of metal to the outside and roof. Building construction will also include the installation of a door and one window. Students will also construct pens for kidding in the barn and construct fence to create an area for holding goats near the barn.

Two breeding does have been donated from Brianna and Alexa Tonjes and are being bred at Ponca Valley Show goats who will also be donating bred does to our initial breeding doe herd. Our Ag students will be involved in every stage of the production cycle from birth to delivery and the management of the does and kids through the weaning, training for shows, as well as selection of future breeding does. As the excitement builds for this project, if you have a desire to contribute to our efforts to match the $8,000 grant you can do so by contacting any FFA member, Mr. Lechtenberg, or send donations to the Nebraska FFA Foundation “I Believe in Ag” campaign to support the Hay Springs FFA Chapter.

FFA Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremonies

The live stream recording of Hay Springs Public School’s FFA Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremonies program is now available to watch in case you missed it live. You can watch the video below…please note that the program itself doesn’t start until a few minutes from the beginning of the stream.


FFA Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremonies

Dear FFA Parents and Guardians,

It is with great pleasure I invite you to join us on Tuesday evening at the Hay Springs School Auditorium for our chapter Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremonies at 7:30 pm. Since we were not able to conduct any of our end of the year activities we will be awarding the Greenhand Degrees to twenty-five chapter members. We will also be recognizing those individual students who received district and state level awards during the 2019-20 school year. We will also be presenting Chapter Degrees to fourteen of our chapter members. We will also be recognizing the officer team that served our chapter last year, in our first year of reinstatement, as well as those individuals that have offered their support over the past year. Our final ceremonies for the evening will be the installation of the 2020-21 Chapter officers.

Due to the risk of COVID, we will be limiting our attendance to only the families of our FFA members. We will however be live streaming this event which hopefully will allow for other supporters of our program to observe these ceremonies.  The live stream will be available for viewing at the following address:


The agenda for the evening will be as follows:
-Opening Ceremonies – 2019-20 Officer Team
-Greenhand Degree Ceremonies – 2019-20 Officer Team
-2019-20 Award Recognition
-Chapter Degree Ceremonies – 2019-20 Officer Team
-Appreciation of our 2019-20 Chapter Officers and local supporters
-Installation of the 2020-21 Officer Team

I certainly hope that you can plan to attend this event and support your students efforts.

Mr. D. Russell Lechtenberg, Advisor

Greenhand Candidates
Jaiden Anderson, Hannah Hoos, Bailey Scherbarth, Rylee Wolken, Logan Decoste, Elisa Reina, Jazlyn Smith, Laney Smith, Braydon Binger, Hally Johnson, Colter Meeks, Jett Rasmussen, Toby Scherbarth, Augustus Scott, Mia Skinner, Breely Smith, Jordyn Anderson, Jarhett Anderson, Adrianna Haffner, Noah Kelly, Ava McKillip, Abigail Nelson, Abigail Russell, Taden Tobiasson, Molly Spicer, Alexa Tonjes

Chapter Degree Candidates
Jaiden Anderson, Hannah Hoos, Bailey Scherbarth, Rylee Wolken, Logan Decoste, Elisa Reina, Jazlyn Smith, Laney Smith, Braydon Binger, Molly Spicer

FFA Receives Grant

Hay Springs FFA Chapter has been notified that we have received an $8,000 matching funds grant from the Nebraska FFA Foundation.

Last fall our FFA Chapter discussed having our own goat production program to providing livestock production experience for our students and FFA members as well as potentially provide livestock for students to exhibit at the county fairs. I would have to say that everyone was super excited about this awesome idea. With that being said, we spent time discussing and putting together our plans to make it happen. We knew when we first discussed the possibilities of getting this started that we were going to need to develop a financial plan. As an FFA Chapter that had just received our Nebraska membership in the fall of 2019, we knew we were going to need to apply for grants, and ask for donations from the community to get this project started. We felt that having the strong support of our school and community a matching fund grant would be an excellent way to finance this expansion to our Agricultural Science program. After researching available grant opportunities, we thought the Nebraska FFA Foundation program would be an excellent program that might support our new Agricultural Science/FFA program.

After developing a budget for our goat production program we completed the application and submitted it in June of 2020.

I am extremely happy to say that we have received an $8,000 matching fund grant from the Nebraska FFA foundation funded by Farm Credit Services of America! With that being said, we are all excited to get started on our livestock development project as soon as possible.

Our initial financial plan for our Hay Springs FFA Chapter/Ag Science Livestock Development Project, totals $15,994.50. Although we are thrilled about receiving the fantastic FFA grant, we are still in need of donations in any way you can support this project. I believe that this project will be an excellent way for our ag students and FFA members to put into practice the words of our FFA Motto;

Learning to Do – Doing to Learn – Earning to Live – Living to Serve.

Your Support is Needed and Appreciated
One way in which you can become involved in this project is through the FFA’s “I believe in the Future of Ag” program. Your donations sent to the Nebraska FFA Foundation listing the Hay Springs FFA Chapter as the designated FFA Chapter will be returned directly to the Hay Springs FFA Chapter with the possibility of matching funds up to $35,000 state wide. There three ways you can donate to the Nebraska FFA Foundation to help us make this happen.

  1. Checks to the Nebraska FFA Foundation attached to donation cards. (available from FFA Members)
  2. In person donation to local Advisor or chapter members
  3. Online: www.neffafoundation.org

As we begin this process our chapter will be involved in other fund raising activities to help make this happen. It is our hope that we can have things in place to make this happen yet this fall.

K-1 FFA Week Art

Kindergarten and First Grade have been studying animals in many different subject areas including reading, science, and art. Recently they learned how to draw different animals. This week they learned how to draw a cow. To support FFA week(Feb. 22-29, 2020) their latest projects are displayed in the cafeteria. Be sure to stop by and browse their artwork!

Career Development Event

FFA traveled to Scottsbluff this week. Here’s the Floriculture team at District 12 Career Development Event competition. Bailey S, Hannah H, Jaiden A, Laney S, Jazlyn S and Elissa R. Bailey received a Red ribbon.

Also, Logan D competiting in District 12 Livestock Management Career Development Event competition. Other team members were Colter M, Jett R, Bradyon B, and Blair H. The team red ribboned in Poultry and Dairy.

Toby S, August S, Clark O, and Tallon R represented Hay Springs in the Welding contest where Tallon received a Red ribbon.

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