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2019-2020 High School Athletic Awards

JCS Athletic Achievement Awards - East Jessamine Middle School

2019-2020 High School Athletic Awards


Panhandle Conference Award Winners



Harvey Wesley – Honorable Mention



Katelin Agler –- 1st Team All Conference

Joce Varvel – 2nd Team All Conference

Jaiden Anderson – Honorable Mention



Joce Varvel – Honorable Mention

Hannah Hoos – Honorable Mention

Samantha Toof – Honorable Mention

Charles Twarling – Honorable Mention

Logan DeCoste – Honorable Mention

Gabe Varvel – Honorable Mention


Class D All State Band 

Angelica Volquardsen, Ashley Tobiasson, Gabe Varvel, Joce Varvel, Mia Skinner, Sam Hindman


NCPA Academic All State Awards

Joce Varvel- Volleyball, Play, Speech and Music

Katelin Agler – Volleyball

Ashley Burrows – Play

Sam Hindman – Speech

Ashley Tobiasson – Music


2019-2020 Letter Winners

Kaden Langford – One Act

Braydon Binger – Basketball

Hally Johnson – Basketball, One Act

Colter Meeks – Football

Emily Nelson – Basketball, Speech, One Act

Jett Rasmussen – Basketball, Speech, One Act

RJ Riggs – Football

James Scherbarth – Basketball

Toby Scherbarth – Football, Basketball, One Act

Augustus Scott – Football

Mia Skinner – Volleyball, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Breely Smith – Basketball

Samantha Toof – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Harvey Wesley- Wrestling, Football, Music

Logan DeCoste – Football, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Jazlyn Smith – Volleyball, Basketball

Laney Smith – Volleyball

Ashley Tobiasson – Volleyball, FBLA, Music, Speech

Gabe Varvel – Football, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

Sam Hindman – Music, Speech, One Act

Jaiden Anderson – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Cadell Brunsch – Basketball, Speech

Hannah Hoos – Volleyball, Basketball, FBLA, One Act

Kade Moore – Football, Basketball

Bailey Scherbarth – Volleyball, Basketball, One Act

Charles Twarling – Football, Basketball, Speech

Jocelyn Varvel – Volleyball, Basketball, Music, Speech, One Act

RyLee Wolken – Volleyball, Speech, One Act

Katelin Agler – Volleyball, Basketball, FBLA, One Act

Ashley Burrows – FBLA, One Act

Clark Orr – FBLA

Jacob Roberts – FBLA, One Act

Angelica Volquardsen – Music

Ruth West – Music, One Act

Hannah Wohl – Cross Country

Spencer Kadlecek – One Act

Kaleb Miller – One Act











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