2019-2020 Elementary Academic Awards   

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2019-2020 Elementary Academic Awards   




Attendance through 3rd quarter

Perfect Attendance – (0 Days) Whitten Diers

Outstanding Attendance – (less than 1 day) Vivian Cortier, Sawyer Davis, Natalia Drabbels, Emily Forney, Kyler Kelly, Alex Miller, Hudson Persons, Karson Peterson, Lex Smith, Grant Wellnitz, Maxwell Wellnitz


1st Grade Classroom Awards –

Phonics – Hudson Persons

Reading –  Jane Gaswick

Math – Merritt Albrecht, Ileana Reimann

Social Studies – Whitten Diers

Science – Addison Hankins

Writing – Natalia Drabbels

2nd Grade Class Classroom Awards –

Math – Ashton Raymer

Reading – Edison Salmon

Science – Andrew Bonsall

Social Studies – Connor Forney

Writing – Autumn Richardson

3rd Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Olivia Dahlgren

Reading – Olivia Dahlgren

Social Studies – Olivia Dahlgren

Writing/Language – Genevieve Taylor

Spelling – Willam Gaswick

Science – Gage Didier

Book It – Olivia Dahlgren, Willam Gaswick

AR Super Star – Olivia Dahlgren

Social Distance Learners – Olivia Dahlgren, Sawyer Davis, Gage Didier, William Gaswick, Luke Edwards, Tabitha Twarling, Catherine Two Bulls

4th Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Emma Albrecht

Reading – Brayden Heiting

Writing – Emma Albrecht

Handwriting – Devyn Young and Hunter Thies

Science – Emma Albrecht

Classroom Art – Emily Forney and Megan Anderson

NE History – Emma Albrecht

Grammar – Jacob Dorshorst

Spelling – Jacob Dorshorst

5th Grade Classroom Awards

Math – Evan Smith

Reading – Ever Peters

Writing – Alaina Raymer

Science – Aubry Anderson

Social Studies – Aubry Anderson

Spelling – Ever Peters

Grammar – Reese Varvel

Physical Education

Kindergarten – Dawson Raymer

1st Grade – Dawson Raymer

2nd Grade – Connor Forney

3rd Grade – Duke Turman

4th Grade – Megan Anderson

5th Grade – Jaron Dahlgren


Kindergarten – Bentley Palmer

1st Grade – Ileana Reimann

2nd Grade – Ashton Raymer

3rd Grade – Olivia Dahlgren

4th Grade – Devyn Young

5th Grade – Aubry Anderson

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