Hay Springs Public School has entered its second year of NPBIS (Nebraska Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports). PBIS is a universal school plan to establish a POSITIVE culture in our school community for students and staff. Research has shown that positive interactions with students directly impact positive school culture. PBIS also gives us continuity! Every staff member is using the same language in regards to behavior, building unity within our school community!

During our staff workdays, we revisited the common areas and the behaviors associated with each of those behaviors. Each group took a specific area and took time to rework them a bit-keeping what worked well and making adjustments as needed. It was an opportunity for new staff members to learn the language and expectations as well as remind those who helped create them last year what was decided! Then as groups we figured out ways to teach these behaviors to the students of Hay Springs Public Schools. During these work days we always try to incorporate a little fun!

In October we will begin moving PBIS into individual classrooms. Of course the HSPS teaching staff has not waited for us to tell them to make positive interactions with students in their classrooms a priority, they often times do that naturally on their own! We will simply provide a framework and offer some tools for the classrooms and then let the teachers keep doing what they do best!

PBIS is always adding and changing the way we are doing things. Keep an eye out for new developments as they are happening!

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 4th quarter Super Pass winners:

Brayden Binger

Kaden Langford

Ava McKillip

James Scherbarth

Sam Hindman

Laney Smith

Ashley Tobiasson

Gabe Varvel

Lilly Dorhorst

Cooper Johnson

Kaylee Kaiser

Talan Smith

Dylan Young

Jarhett Anderson

Jordyn Anderson

Abigail Russell

Jaiden Anderson

Spencer Kadlecek

Kaleb Miller

Bailey Scherbarth

Chaz Twarling

Ruth West

Rylee Wolken

Katelin Agler

The Super Pass for 2019-2020 Quarter 1 changed a bit! Here are the requirements:

0 Ineligibility
1 or fewer Tardies
2 or fewer absences
0 office referrals
5 Hours of Community Service

Community Service forms can be picked up from Adriene in the office or Mrs. Heiting in the 1st grade classroom. Once a form is completed, make sure to turn it into Mrs. Heiting in the 1st grade classroom!

Students who meet these requirements will receive:

Middle Level

  1. 1 Free Tardy
  2. Drop lowest grade on a daily assignment
  3. Front of the Line for Lunch
  4. 1 free supervised period on campus (preapproved)
High School

  1. 1 Free Tardy
  2. Drop lowest grade on a daily assignment
  3. Thursday Hawk Nest Privileges (7:30-8:00)
  4. 2 Open Campus Lunches
  5. Free Half Day Off of School (pre-approved; responsible for all work missed)


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