Friday School Requirements

Dear Parents,

As you already know in an effort to assist struggling students we provide Friday School​ with professional teaching staff available to assist student learning on Fridays from 8:00am until 12:00pm. It is a requirement for students with 2 D’s or one F on Monday morning grade reports to attend Friday School​. These students are also ineligible to participate in school activities during the week. They do however, have the ability to complete work and get signed out of the Friday School requirements. To do so, they must get teachers from struggling classes to sign-off for completing the work required to bring their grades up.

The issue has been that we have students that remain on this list Thursday afternoon who are not signed off and then are not coming to Friday School. In the future students that do not come to Friday School as required will have additional requirements.

  1. Make arrangements with Mrs. Marx or Mr. Lechtenberg on Monday morning to​ spend six additional hours at school. (It may be possible to put these additional hours in before or after school Monday-Thursday)
  2. They will also be expected to turn their cell phone into the office when they arrive at school​ at the beginning of the day and pick it up at the end of the day, or simply leave it at home during the week of makeup time.

These adjustments are not being put in place to punish anyone but to enhance the possibly for student’s academic success. We are available to provide additional academic support for your child but we also need your support as parents and guardians of your students.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,
Mr. Lechtenberg

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