2013 Track Season

This year is going to be a great track season!!!  I see this year as a great building season.  We have a lot of young athletes that are looking to make a name for themselves.  We have a total of 19 high school athletes out for track.  10 girls= Zoe Schneider(throws), Brook Scherbarth (throws), Christian Bila (throws), Kodee Muhr(distance and hurdles), Michaela Metcalf(distance and jumps), Jenn Scherbarth(mid distance), Cydney Jancik(hurdles), Whitney Heiting( jumps and hurdles), Brittany Ferguson(mid distance), and Katrena Ryan( sprints and jumps).  9 boys= John Rotness (jumps and throws), Joey Johnson (jumps and relays), Stevin Horrocks (hurdles), Jordan Houser (sprints),  Chris Ray (jumps and relays), Jordan Encinia (distance and relay), Kolten Marx (throws and sprints), Jake Johnson ( mid distance and jumps), and Austin Reed (jumps and sprints).

Please come out and support these athletes!!!

High School

March 19 Gordon Rushville-Gordon
March 23 Morrill
March 28 Bayard
April 4 Mitchell
April 13 Rapid City Christian
April 19 Mitchell
April 20 Chadron
April 22 Gordon- non of best of west
April 23 Best of west in Scottsbluff
April 27 Panhandle @ Morrill
May 3 Bayard
May 8 Districts @ Chappell
May 17 & 18 State in Omaha

Junior High

April 2 Bayard
April 12 Gordon/ Rushville @ Gordon
April 13 Rapid City Christian w/HS
April 25 Gordon/Rushville @ Gordon
April 27 Panhandle @ Morrill w/HS
April 29 Morrill


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