Music Notes

music pic1We may be settling down into the 4th quarter, but your 4th-8th grade students should still be hard at work practicing their 60 minutes a week!

In preparation for our trip to Kansas City NEXT spring we will be doing some different fundraisers.  We’ve just completed our Deli International Sales (thanks to all who supported that) and we are going to try our hand at a new fundraiser!  It’s called “FLOWER POWER Fundraising.”   Please stay tuned for more information, or see any 8th-12th grade music student for more information.

Make sure to “like” the new Music notes facebook page.  There are regular posts and updates.

An exciting change for next year…  Next year high school swing choir will be a part of the school day!  We will meet during the regular choir time!  You do NOT have to be in swing choir to be a part of choir, but you WILL have to be in the choir class to be a part of swing choir!  This means no more 7am practices-YAY!!

Mrs. Jungck and I will once again be doing a swing choir fun camp!  This year we are opening it up to 4th-8th grade.  It is tentatively set for the 3rd week in June, the 17th-20th.  We are limiting the amount of campers we will take, so make sure to sign up early!!


April 2nd                   High School Choir & Swing Choir to perform for Security Gold Club at Security First Bank 7:30p

April 11th                  Elders Wisdom Program  – K-5th grade students perform

April 16th                 Pre-Contest Concert & Recital – HS Choir, Swing Choir, ML & HS Band

April 17th                 District Music Contest – Alliance, NE

May 14th                  K-5 Music Program

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