Fin Lit Concert, Sept. 14th

3rd and 4th Grade – Gearing up for “Animals, Inside and Out Day” in Chadron.

Homecoming 2017 – Elementary Style




MATCH #                   GYM               TIME           HOME TEAM                     VISITOR

MATCH #1           ELEM         9:00 am                 St. Agnes    vs     Hay Springs


MATCH #2          ELEM         10:00am                Sioux C.      vs      Crawford


MATCH #3          High S         10:00am                Hem            vs      Edgemont


MATCH #4          ELEM         11:30    Match #1 Winner  vs   Match #2 Winner


MATCH #5          High S         11:30                        Morrill   vs Match #3 Winner



15 Minute Break



MATCH #6 at Elementary School Gym


Championship        Match #4 Winner(H)      vs.     Match #5 Winner(V)

Building Readers – How Families Can Help Children Become Better Readers

September 2017- Building Readers

Grandparents Day Lunch, Sept. 12, 2017

Thank you for joining us Grandparents!!

Homecoming 2017 – Activities

Theme:  Welcome to the Jungle

Homecoming 2017 will take place the week of September 11-15.  Like every year there are plenty of fun activities planned for the week.

As for the dress up days.  We encourage everyone to take part! Both the elementary, middle/high school students will be judged.  The dress-up days will be as follows.

Monday: Movie/TV Character Day

Dress-up as your favorite movie/TV character. Be creative, are you a super hero? What about an action hero, or villain?  Be creative and maybe someone will ask you for your autograph!

Monday: Softball at 7:30 pm

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Tuesday!

The Hawks are going on vacation!  Dress up in your favorite Hawaiian shirt and pack some sunscreen!  Tuesday is for the tourists.

Tuesday – Blind Volleyball at 7:30 pm

Wednesday: Holiday Day

This is something new!  What is your favorite holiday?  Well we want you to dress like it! Some might be Santa!  Some might be the Easter Bunny!  Maybe you are an obscure holiday!  Be creative and get into the holiday spirit!

Thursday: Hat & Jersey Day:

Show your school spirit by wearing your Hawk Jersey and maybe a hat.  Any jersey might do!  Show off your pride on this day!

Homecoming coronation will take place on Thursday at 3:00.  The pep rally will follow downtown at 3:30.

Thursday Bonfire at 7:30 pm


Crown Bearers: Deyton Young, Addison Heiting

PINK OUT GAME – Pink out Order Form

Hay Springs Schools, CARE Foundation and Gordon Memorial Health Services are hosting a Pink Out!


October 6 (HS FB vs. Potter-Dix)

October 24 (HS VB vs. Garden County)

T – Shirts will be sold with proceeds going to the CARE FOUNDATION. If interested fill out the order form below or at and return to the school by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 at 4 pm.

Shirts are $10 each.

Hay Springs Order Form

School open for tours during Friendly Festival!

Hay Springs School will be opened up for anyone interested in taking tours of the school on Saturday, 8/26 of Friendly Festival from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.