This week’s cultural presentation for the elementary was about Sweden. Some of the things the students learned about included:

  • Children dressing up for Easter similar to Trick or Treating on Halloween.
  • Lordagsgodis is the tradition of eating candy, ice cream, and cake ONLY on Saturdays.
  • Different types of Swedish crafts including felting, dala horse, cookie stamps.
  • Allmansratten which means everyone has access to nature and can camp nearly anywhere.
  • Fika is a relaxing coffee break with Swedish pastries.
  • Swedish money is called the Krona.
  • Some inventions/businesses from Sweden are Minecraft, Skype, Spotify, Ikea, GPS, seat belt, and the zipper.
  • According to Swedish Law, every worker has the right to 4 consecutive weeks of holiday between June and August.
  • Christmas is celebrated on December 24th in Sweden with smorgasbords, St. Lucia Day, and a Yule Goat.

Mrs. Wellnitz read “The Tomten”, a book about a little gnome that is dedicated to helping out on the farm. After the book, the students watched a short video about the history of Sweden, a crayfish party, the Royal Palace, and the Speed Lottery. In Sweden, it is a tradition to watch a Donald Duck cartoon on Christmas Eve so the presentation ended with a short Donald Duck cartoon.  The students received Swedish Apple Cookies for a snack when they returned to their classrooms.

After the presentation, the preschoolers enjoyed dancing to music by the Swedish group, Caramell.

Thank you to the Snow-Redfern Foundation for their generosity. It is through their project grant that makes this cultural program possible.

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