COVID Update

The following is the latest up-date from PPHD concerning COVID positive cases:

We have learned that our recommendation for school-aged children identified as close contacts to stay home, does not align with state truancy guidelines; hopefully, more to come from NDE.

We are changing our recommendation based on this information:  Public Health will encourage school-aged household close contacts to wear a mask and monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

Below is our script when we talk to parents with school-aged children identified as a close contact of a household member.

According to DHHS school guidance, school-aged children are required to self-monitor for fever or other symptoms for 14 days.  Public health recommends that your child wear a mask at school for those 14 days.  Your child does not need to stay home unless they develop symptoms or test positive.  If they have symptoms or test positive, they will need to isolate at home.

Adults and younger children will need to quarantine at home.  Vaccinated people do not need to quarantine; they will be asked to mask and monitor for 14 days.

We are sending this information out to parents so you have the latest PPHD guidance. We are finding that some parents are choosing to keep their school-aged children home when there is a positive household contact; we as a school district will support you in that decision. Please keep the school office informed if you have ill family members or positive test results and continue to monitor your children’s temp before they come to school.

See also the Contact Tracing Packet sent to positives that are not school-aged.  As cases increase, we are asking non-school-aged positive cases to notify their close contacts.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or PPHD if you experience confusion, challenges, or need clarity with a situation.  I am sure we can get through another year working together.

Mr. Lechtenberg

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