November 2020 Student of the Month

Bailey Scherbarth is a fun student to have in class! She almost always has a positive attitude and something great to contribute to our class discussions. She is kind, respectful, and helpful when dealing with her fellow peers. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her and love her honesty (especially about her college classes). Congrats Bailey! This is well deserved.

Bailey is a student who you can rely upon to get things done. She is always willing to do the jobs no one else wants to take care of and will organize people to get things done. Bailey is someone who can be relied on in tough situations.

Bailey is one of the more self-motivated students I have ever had. I have had many students who I would label as having a strong work ethic but Bailey goes beyond this description. She is reliable, a good classmate, funny and very strong-willed. We might be “rivals” at times in class, but I have the utmost respect for her. This recognition is well-deserved. I know she is going to have a big impact on many people as she moves forward in her life.

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