2020 Hay Springs High School Homecoming Coronation

The 2020 Hay Springs High School Homecoming Coronation will take place this Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at 2:25 PM in the Old Auditorium. The king candidates are Kade Moore, Charles Twarling, and Cadell Brunsch. The queen candidates are Joce Varvel, Bailey Scherbarth, and Jaiden Anderson.

Escorts are freshman, Gabby Twarling, and Gage Mintken. Sophomores Toby Scherbarth and Mia Skinner. Juniors Gabe Varvel and Sadie Hanks.

Crown Bearers are Laila Stock, daughter of Katie and Seth Stock, and Brysen Scherbarth son of Brook Scherbarth.

Due to COVID restrictions, the public is not allowed to attend the coronation. The king and queen candidates and crown bearers may invite two guests of their choosing.  Escorts will not be able to invite guests to the coronation.

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