First Quarter Quarterly Assembly

Kindergarten through 12th grade students and staff gathered this morning in celebration at our first Quarterly Assembly. The purpose of this assembly was to recognize the accomplishments of students during the first quarter of this school year. We kicked off the assembly with a student vs. teacher game of Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors. The teams were the Fifth Grade Class and the High School Teachers. The teachers ended up winning this competition! First Quarter Super Pass recipients were recognized at this time. The middle level and high school students who received Super Passes are: Jaiden Anderson, Hannah Hoos, Bailey Scherbarth, James Scherbarth, Gabe Varvel, Joce Varvel, RyLee Wolken, Noah Kelly, and Ava McKillip.

The PBIS Leadership Team presented a short skit, “The LIfe of a Hawk Buck” showing the journey a Hawk Buck makes once it is awarded to a student caught SOARing.

To wrap up the celebration there was a drawing for invitations to the Breakfast of Champions. At the end of each quarter all Hawk Bucks are entered into this drawing. 10% of Hawk Bucks for each grade level group are drawn. Students earning invitations to the first Breakfast of Champions on October 23rd are:

K-2 — Whitten, Darius, Jaxon, Grace, Ellerie, Reeve, Levi, Dawson, Rylee, and Danny
6-12 — Dakota, Abigail N., Parker, Gabby, Katelin, and Logan

The 3rd-5th grade group earned so many Hawk Bucks during first quarter they will be having their own Breakfast of Champions on October 30th. These students are:

3-5 — Bailey, Jacob, Cade, Megan, Riley J., Hunter, Tyson, Emma, Ever, Maddix, Emily, Bristol, Jaydub, Kaytee, Malorie, and Evan

Congratulations to all of our Hawks for a great First Quarter!

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