NPBIS Information

Hay Springs Public Schools Office Referral System
The staff of Hay Springs Public Schools is implementing a new Office Referral System as part of our NPBIS (Nebraska Positive Behavior Intervention System) plan. It is our intention to provide our students with appropriate behavior supports while improving communication and consistency.

The following is a brief outline of the Office Referral process if a student is not following expectations.

Step 1: Student arrives in office after being sent by teacher/staff member.
Step 2: Student completes a Taking Responsibility Sheet under the guidance/supervision of an Administrator or Office Staff Member.
Step 3: Administrator/Office Staff confers with teacher.
Step 4: Administrator/Office Staff determine consequence and conference with student. Taking Responsibility Sheet is signed and sent home for Parent Signature.
Step 5: Student and Administrator/Office Staff confer with Teacher.
Step 6: Student re-enters into the classroom.

Hawk Bucks
What are “Hawk Bucks”?
Hawk bucks are positive reinforcements tied to our matrix behaviors.  Hawk Bucks are for students that are exhibiting SOAR behaviors.

Who can deliver Hawk Bucks?
All staff members will be given Hawks bucks to deliver to students engaged in behaviors on the matrix.  These are the behaviors that we have been specifically teaching this year.

How do Hawk Bucks work?
*Students will take the buck to the office where they will draw a prize out of the box. The buck will go into a grade level box.
*Every month, the office will draw one name from each of the grade level boxes for the students choice of a prize.
*At the end of each semester, the student in each level that has the most bucks will be awarded their choice of a prize

Super Passes
Super Passes will be awarded quarterly and will be good through the following quarter.

Quarterly Requirements:
No ineligibility
1 or less tardies
1 or less teacher write-ups
2 or fewer absences
0 office referrals

1st quarter Super Passes are good during 2nd quarter; 2nds quarter Super Passes are good during 3rd quarter; 3rd quarter Super Passes are good during 4th quarter; 4th quarter passes will be good during 1st quarter the following school year.

Privileges of Super Passes:
-Front of the line for lunch
-Dropping lowest grade on a daily assignment
-1 Free Tardy
-2 Open Campus Lunches (pre-approved)
-Free Half Day off of school (pre-approved-responsible for all work missed)

Congratulations to these 3rd quarter Super Pass recipients:
Middle Level: Lillian Dorshorst, Jarhett Anderson, Jordyn Anderson, Jaelyn Rasmussen, Talan Smith, Ava McKillip, Gage Mintken, Abbey Russell, Alexa Tonjes, Gabrielle Twarling, Kaden Langford, James Scherbarth

High School: Austin Anderson, Jaiden Anderson, Bailey Scherbarth, Jocelyn Varvel & RyLee Wolken


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