Tasty Tuesday

During Week of the Young Child, Tuesday the 17th was Tasty Tuesday! On this day, both morning and afternoon preschool classes made strawberry banana smoothies. During this time, we discussed ways to prepare food safely and with an adult. We talked about washing our hands before getting started, if we needed to wash our fruit (we decided we should wash the strawberries, but the bananas would be okay because they have a peel) and what parts of the fruit we should add to the smoothie. Some children were in charge of cutting up strawberries, some were in charge of cutting up bananas, and some were in charge of the ice and yogurt we added to our smoothies. To add a little science and math, we discussed the solid fruit during into a liquid we could drink while it was in the blender and we measured our ingredients to see if we would have enough smoothie for everyone. The morning class added language arts as they wrote the letter T for Tasty. This was such a fun experience and we love being able to cook in the classroom! The afternoon class also enjoyed a tasty treat during snack time. Elly even brought us some homemade chocolate chip cookies!

We have made tasty treats in our classroom in the past and I wanted to share those pictures as well! We have made gingerbread cookies, snow ice cream, a 100 day snack, and a birthday cake. For each cooking experience we followed a recipe and each child was invited to participate. Cooking can be a great math and science activity, as well as a fine motor experience while the children pour, stir, knead, and roll.

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